Is Everything Logical?

I want to know everything. I need to understand. I have a sneaking suspicion that I want everything to be logical, even the place between us and The Light.

I have a feeling that it won't be logical, ever. Oh well, I'll have quite an adventure finding out. Again, I think that we are all unique. I am the way that I am and there is no way anyone can change me. That is one thing that I know for sure. It must be the right way for me to be.


I can PROMISE you, that everything in the Universe is VERY logical. Perfectly logical. So perfectly logical that everyone has The Freedom of Choice and Unlimited Potential.

Things that appear to us as 'miracles' or not logical - expose our LACK OF UNDERSTANDING. There is SO much for us to learn...


Logical-something that makes sense. Oh, wouldn't that be nice. There is no torture that can compare with not knowing.

Here we are plunked down on this planet, our memories taken away, many children barely manage to make it through their childhoods, floods, hurricanes, poverty and starvation. Then we have all of the churches saying that they alone are the only way to salvation. I could never really believe that I had ever done anything that I needed to be saved from. What did it for me was when I witnessed some christian telling a tiny child that they were a dirty sinner and needed Jesus to save them.

It seems at every turn, we are blocked, mislead and confused. I have always, even when I was little, stood alone and wondered what kind of an insane asylum I was dropped into.

It doesn't seem to me that our overselves give us enough input\help. I am going to have to examine that part of my thinking. If everything is our choice, then my choice might be to do some major complaining to the powers that be. If anything is possible, then maybe things can be better for the souls that come to this planet.

I know that I don't see the whole picture yet, I admit that hands down. But, you know what, I can see why people think that there is some kind of devil holding them back and thwarting their every endeavor.

I have a girlfriend that lost her parents one right after the other, lost her job, then found her husband with another woman in their house, went through a divorce that she didn't want, got another job and lost that. Right after,her favorite sister was crushed to death in an auto accident by a drunk driver.Where is the lesson in this, the balance? What is she supposed to be learning from all of this?What do you say to her when she is looking to you for support?

The lesson is that everything material is temporary and we should not get attached to anyone or anything. Some people need a lot of examples to GET IT.


This is why I am so intense about finding the truth. We all need to know the truth, because without it, we are lost. Can you imagine going through what this woman is enduring with no sense of who she really is and why she is here? It's awfully hard to make sense of it.


And yet, everything is perfectly logical. We just need to find things that we don't yet understand.

How do you know if she hasn't ASKED her Higher Self for such powerful reminders HERSELF before she was born?

Imagine that you have wasted several lifetimes by being stubborn and refusing to understand. Wouldn't you ask your Teacher to REMIND you and SHAKE YOU UP the next time when you repeat the same mistake?


Hi Tom, Consider a lady that had her sister crushed by the drunk driver. I don't understand why she had to die as a lesson to her sister... Did the sister's individual Freedom of Choice get compromised in this situation? Would she have agreed to do this? Or would it be the consequences of her own actions, merely matched up with her sister before birth as someone 'likely to experience tragedy'?


Death of the physical body is no tragedy whatsoever. Physical body is designed to be temporary anyway.

How one LIVES (and what one chooses to do when alive) could lead to a true tragedy - degradation of one's Intellect.


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