Is everything part of GI?

Dr. Chalko, I found The Freedom of Choice to be a fascinating presentation of a credible explanation of the origin and purpose of life. On page 22, you state, 'There is no one else! The Intellect is alone in the Nothing!' This could imply that anything Intellect creates would have to be a part of Intellect, since there is nothing else. I looked in your book to see if you explored this thought anywhere, but could not find this idea developed anywhere in the book. Could you comment on this? Thank you.E.O. in Houston, Texas, USA


I try not to state anything. I ask you to IMAGINE the process of Intellect creating and developing itself.

In The Beginning it is highly likely that everything was Intellect indeed. It is likely that at this stage Intellect had to devote considerable effort to invent, create, establish and maintain its own existence (means of storing/creating/transmitting information).

@2000 years ago a great knowledgable man expressed it to those who could comprehend him [2] as follows: "...the light came into being by itself, established itself and appeared in the image of light..."

To me this makes perfect sense. According to our science, everything material in the Universe can only disintegrate itself (entropy can only increase). The ONLY thing in the Universe that CAN and actually DOES develop itself is Intellect...

Today, the Universe seems quite complex, full of other Individual Intellects who seem to have autonomy. Is everything One Intellect? Please search for "is everything God" here at this Forum to find out... For more details still, please read this article. It is a sequel to The Freedom of Choice book.


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