Is Freedom of Choice limited by Time?

I thought that Freewill could not be limited in any way, not even by time. And today I read that the electrons that compose our 'data storage system' have a limited life time(even if it seems like an eternity). 99.99% freewill is not freewill!

Even if we all accepted this fate from the beginning, this would still deny us the freedom of choice to refuse the complete erasing of our memory.(Assuming that some of us do not make it!)This is not very fair for those who nearly make it! Why can't we have the same type of memory(which does not depend on electrons) than the creator of the universe?is our conciousness also electron based? or is it a 'partitioning' of the creators own conciousness?


Life of a computer program is not limited by the lifetime of a hard disk. Data can always be COPIED before the disk crashes.

Hence, even if everything material has a limited lifespan, Intellect CAN be eternal. Intellect can make a copy of itself and even create new electrons if need be.

Our consciousness seems electro-photonic. (Memory capacity of a photon is similar to that of an electron). Data in our consciousness is "digitally" encoded, so everyone (including The Great Intellect) has total Freedom of Thought and considerable privacy. Mind to mind communication is possible by using the "common" part of the "code".

I wrote the "sequel" to The Freedom of Choice that explains more details. It will be announced on this Forum soon.


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