Is humanity lost?

Dear Dr Chalko

How wonderful to read a book so in tune with my own ideas. I've travelled a long hard road for my search. And it was uncanny to read some of your phrases that I have used on my own, such as 'close encounters'.

I have recommended your book to quite a few people including my son who has travelled this path faster than me, since he is such an advanced spirit.

It is so good to know that there are others that feel as I do. I have been so silent regarding my heart and soul. So few people understand. Humanity is so lost.

My heartfelt congratulations on a piece of work that is a true masterpiece of knowledge and wisdom. You are a true sage.


Thank you for your kind words. Humanity seems lost, but there is a growing number of individuals who develop astonishingly similar ideas. Can we reach the critical mass before it is too late?


In my opinion, 'not reaching critical mass on time' should NOT be considered an option OR a possibility.

The ONLY option should be to consciously work towards the critical mass being reached; increase in the mass could ONLY be achieved by people who already KNOW and, by THEIR efforts to EXPOSE as many other people as possible to the knowledge.

Worrying about 'not reaching the critical mass on time' will NOT result in it being reached. OUR ACTION is needed.

In light of the above, I think that the 'we are responsible for our actions' and the 'cause and effect' concepts from The Freedom of Choice are the most important concepts in the book. If WE don't work towards the critical mass, who will? The 'effect' of the critical mass being reached can only result from the 'cause' - people informing other people about KNOWLEDGE - to maximize the number of people that will eventually understand.


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