Is plastic surgery against Nature?

Is getting plastic surgery against the law of the Universe? Does it compromise the purpose of choosing a particular physical body?Would you foresee future suffering as result of altering the physical body? As far as I can see, it is just a waste of time and only a distraction from the real purpose of our physical existence - spiritual development.


My view is that we have the Freedom of Choice to do as we please, but the key to any choice should always be a sincere analysis of its MOTIVES.

Most people (myself included) learn most when they suffer - and this includes psychological suffering from some aspects of the appearance of our physical body. Plastic surgery may interfere with some key aspects of such a lesson.

Choosing extremes such as focusing the entire attention on appearances or ignoring appearances altogether doesn't seem like a good idea. The best seems to be an attitude of trying to achieve a balance, which may be different for a different people. Just remember that the Development of Intellect remains the primary objective of our Conscious Existence.


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