What would be the result of erasing all of the bad karma from all of my past lives?


Do you remember how many times you fell before you learned to walk? What is the result of you forgetting all your falls?

What and how many mistakes you did in the past - is almost IRRELEVANT. The ONLY important thing about the past mistakes is what you have eventually learned from them.

Focus on your understanding and choices TODAY. And read "THE PAST" chapter in The Freedom again...


Many 'gurus' and 'swamis' say that they get sick and suffer because they 'accept karma' of other people. Is it true?


Would you like to go to a school in which you get punished for mistakes that other people make? Would you like if other people get rewarded if YOU do something good?

Would you be motivated to LEARN in such a school?

It is clear that such principles would instantly and completely sabotage motivation of anyone to LEARN anything. Do you think that this was the intent of the Great Intellect who designed the Universe?


So why do 'swamis' and 'gurus' get sick and say that 'they suffer for other people'?


"Gurus", "swamis" and other "spiritual leaders" start suffering when they consciously mislead other people. The more severe and more deliberate the misleading - the more serious is the disease.

Truly evolved people never get sick - simply because they KNOW how to consciously control functions of their bodies and they act in perfect Harmony with The Purpose of the Universe.

What we call "suffering" or "disease" is simply a feedback from Nature designed to encourage us to focus on the development of the Self.


Many people that get ill say that diseases 'come with age and you just have to accept them'. To me such an explanation is nonsense. Their higher selves are trying to tell them that they are doing something wrong and they need to learn from it.


The attitude of blaming someone or something else for what happens in our very OWN body and mind is typical for SO many people.

Such an attitude demonstrates how little people understand of their conscious existence...


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