Levitation anyone?

Is it possible to levitate?


Eventually. Principles are described in The Book.


In The Book, Thao said levitation is a knowledge. I don't understand. It seems to me that levitation is a skill. A skill which can achieve when practising advanced transcendental meditation with self-displine and commitment. As skill requires little understanding. Am I missing something?


Can you learn a skill when you don't understand HOW and WHAT should you practice? Understanding (=knowledge) is everything.


I read Thiaoouba Prophecy and i remember a part in the book saying something like it's possible to levitate and some people on Earth can do it.Is it really possible to levitate and do you know of anyone that has done it? I heard somewhere that some Buddist can do it at will or something... is it really true, what's your opinion on this?


It is possible, but I have never heard about anyone doing it. Have you seen NU Journal of Discovery?


I can consciously cause myself to levitate in dreams, as opposed to in daily reality. And that kind of levitation is standing up kind.

In reality. Whoa. I don't know about that! I hear it takes some type of maturity... Is it like a permission the higherself gives the astral body, maybe, like endowment? Maybe mechanical secrets alone of antigravity cannot be the only force involved in it? The book eluded to concentration as that {or one of the} force{s}..


Even in "dreams" (or an altered conscious state) you need to concentrate in order to maintain control. I wish I could do it more often, because I suspect that principles of a conscious physical levitation can be explored that way, at least to some degree.


Yes, this is true. If I stop concentration the 'experience' ends. But usually it is a gradual ending {but then again this depends on the experience itself}.

The other night after my previous submission I had thought that maybe conscious levitation in the physical body, while obviously being more difficult than in 'dreams,' {at least in my opinion} is as such:

++ theoretically there is a combination between the previous necessary concentration requirement in movement of the astral body, and {this is the complicated part} the possibility that levitation within a physical body occurrs, must have to do with the vibrational link between these two bodies.

In reference to your NU equations, {specifically equations 1 and 4} the fact that gravity neurtalization and directional modification is being exerted on the very body of which a person's own mind is present and linked, makes physical-body levitation all the more seemingly complicated.

That the mind is going to do this {move the body without the body itself moving} seems bizarre until thinking about 'triggers.' Maybe there is a trigger needed to begin this movement.


Dream control is a skill that can be learned, just like any other skill. I practiced quite often a couple of years ago, and I had many 'lucid dreams' back then. I don't practice now, and I don't have them.

A good resource for Lucid Dreaming is www.lucidity.com. Be careful though, they mix up Out-of-body experiences and Lucid Dreaming a lot. And don't buy any equipment, everything you need is within you..

Exercises how to learn lucid dreaming is available at:http://www.spiritweb.org/Spirit/lucid-dreaming-faq.htmlA good information resource about Astral Projection is:http://www.tanega.com/astral/astral.html [Andreas]

I dont understand why should we be concerned with ideas that are not necessarily linked to our actual situation. People who want to levitate should perhaps check their real intentions. Do we really need to levitate at the moment ? If most of us cannot even concetrate (good concentration) for an hour or so during a period of meditation why should one be bothered about further levels of development. Naturally we all want to do miracles. But, as it said somewhere in the Forum, do we have the maturity to assume the responsabilities and implications of it ? Kids in the kindergarden playing with guns. Personaly, I need to improve discipline. For the rest, I take the train or the plane. Joy Peace Love! [Valdemar]

It's funny, you know, I have these dreams in which I fly/float/levitate and they've been occuring more frequently. And I must remember a good 75% of my dreams, if not all. It's really aggrivating. When I'm doing it I KNOW HOW TO DO IT! I think to myself, whoa, are they going to be able to handle this?? Then, when I wake up . . . nothing. It's just like visiting your Higher Self and having no questions for they have all been answered but then retaining none of them.


Well, what's the exact deffinition of lucid dream? In the ones I've described I didn't really KNOW I was dreaming but, I am able to control the where and how. I'm much more of an active participant than an observer. In a recent dream, as I was flying for my destination, I saw another person flying in the opposite direction. That made me smile. Prior to that I thought I was alone. I've never been to the centre of the Earth. Above, yes, even in the ground some.


The only thing holding me back from conscious astral travel is that still small fear. I don't know why it's there. I get to the point where I'm just about to leave and then it brings me back, every time. I've only noticed this because of all the attempts I've been making wihtout even trying, after wearing the shirt.


What can I say. Let go of fear. It spoils your fun.

No one can eliminate fear for you. You can only do it yourself. Try do define WHAT are you afraid of and analyze it in detail.


I've just realized that my own self-imposed limitations and ridiculous insticts of fear, no matter how small and trivial in nature, are the most difficult to actually eliminate.

It seems like the present life on Earth, apart from being a nice learning environment, is also a well designed test to attempt to overcome the self-imposed limitations.

The most frustrating thing is that after self-limitations are actually identified, the REAL challenge is to consciously design how to overcome them in every-day life, for the REST of this life. [rafal]

I have to agree with madd_laughter on the subject of astral projections. Everytime I feel I am about to (oh, word limitations...) 'swallow myself' or 'start folding up' and leave the physical body, I get scared and I have to re-start the energy work to get back to that point, which is when I stop and come back.

Tom, have you ever tried astral projections (I am expecting a 'duh' answer 🙂 and if so, what kind of feeling do you get when the time to 'get out' nears ? I feel a weird rumbling all around my 3rd eye and the top of my head and things feel like they are going to 'compress'.. hard to say really..


Have you read The Freedom of Choice? I thought that I have already described it.


My recent (2013) exploration of the subject Physics of Gravity is published at NUjournal.net here. I am still trying to figure out how to implement it to levitate... Tom , 13 July 2014

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