I have read a lot of information about spiritual practice and the search for understanding the 'true' self. Some of this literature suggests that all spiritual practice should be dedicated to dominating and actually transcending our thinking, feeling, body senses, and all other attachments that make up our definition of who we are (ego). By doing this and letting go of these (ego), we are left with our true identity which actually exists beyond all of our attachments (thoughts feelings etc), and in this way we develop spiritually and become liberated.

As an outcome of this, it is said that we develop an awareness of our spatial (expansive) and temporal (ever changing) nature that exists beyond time and space, beyond thought, beyond feeling and other aspects of our identity which we commonly identify with. The tools of spiritual practice discussed and recommended in order to achieve this state of self-awareness were concentration and meditation. Tom, by overinvesting in thinking, and relying on your rational objective processes, and the intellect are you not limiting your own advancement?


Let's examine the FINAL GOAL of the "practice" that you describe.

As you say - it is "Liberation".
I have only one question: "Liberation from WHAT??"

Liberation from Intelligence?
Liberation from Thinking?
Liberation from Feelings?

It seems like a recipe to become stupid, doesn't it?

Let's suppose that somehow you managed to achieve the "liberation".
What NEXT??

Someone you quote above promises, that after achieving all the above "liberations" you may discover your "true identity". Are you SURE that you will be able to enjoy it? You will have NO Intellect, you will be INCAPABLE of thinking, incapable of perceiving and even incapable of experiencing ANY feeling, including Love and Joy !!!

Still, if this is what you want to achieve in your conscious existence, you have The Freedom of Choice to aim for it.

In my view the above direction leads to the accelerated EXTINGUISHING of the conscious existence. In the meantime, leaders of sects and religions, who INVENT and preach doctrines that you just described, will gladly accept any material property, from millions of "believers" of "liberation", to gather funds for building temples and brainwashing even more people.

How many more thousands of years does the humanity on Earth need to WAKE UP?

Have you compared the above "liberation" scheme with the Final Goal outlined in The Freedom of Choice? What attitude do you choose?


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