Medium anyone?

Any comments on transmediums and physical mediumship whereby it is possible to communicate with highly evolved souls and therefore learn about the universe and our place in this universe?


Highly evolved individuals will never attempt to explain the purpose of existence of the Universe to anyone. A good teacher or parent will never even begin to do any part of a homework for a child, otherwise the child may never learn anything.

The Universe has been placed in front of your own eyes for a reason. It is a manifestation of Great Intellect, who deliberately avoids influencing our Freedom of Thought. If you need more explanation about this, please read The Freedom book several more times.

In principle, whoever claims to communicate with "advanced soul" or "god" and is told to do or not to do whatever gives evidence that such a communication comes from someone quite primitive.

Understanding can only arise in your own mind. For this reason you need to keep thinking until you no longer need any "mediums", beliefs or information from other unverifiable sources.


Oh dear, you are soooooo wrong friend! I'm not talking about 'highly' evolved souls whereby my intellectual capacity is THAT evolved, but certainly have experienced souls of a much much greater intellect who come to teach at the level of our understanding - hence raising our thoughts and vibrations. 'Understanding can only arise in your own mind' as you say but there are most definately souls who come to this world in many variations to help those of us who genuinely seek knowledge - albeit often different paths but still seeking knowledge. If your child asks you a question do you not acknowledge that the child is 'asking' for help and therefore you 'guide' and teach the child on how to answer the questions for himself? It is not about doing the homework for a child but encouraging the thoughts of inquisitiveness I think. If you have never had the experiences I'm talking about, you cannot therefore believe that such 'forces' do not exist? The universe is full of posssibilities and just because we cannot get our heads around the corner to understanding such things, does not mean they do not exist!


Advanced individuals do not need any "mediums" or other proxies to communicate.

Those who relay on this form of communication broadcast deliberate misinformation that leads listeners nowhere. Did you know that a wise man said @2000 years ago that "to a fool, god and evil is one and the same" [2]?

If the Universe in front of your eyes does not inspire you to think, I doubt if anything else will. Have you read The Freedom of Choice book?


I agree with Gena. However, the problem is, we are using 'intellect' and 'thoughts' to try to figure out our truth, when it is those two limited human concepts that blind us from the truth.


You are welcome to choose stupidity and ignorance for yourself. Note, however, that such a choice leads to theories and beliefs that have absolutely nothing to do with Reality of the Universe, or even Reality of our own Consciousness. They are also direct cause for centuries of misery on Earth. It seems that you haven't even read a single page of The Freedom of Choice book...

I respect your choice, but my preference is to aim to increase my ability to understand. Consequences of choosing ignorance are explained in detail here. Just remember that I have warned you.


i agree with you tom. any highly evolved being will not tell you what your place in the universe is, because it is ultimately up to yourself to find that out. Although i do believe it is possible to communicate with higher beings telepathically or through dreams and visions, but what is given in these instances is usually in the form of inspiration or in pointing at things for you to explore on your own. if a higher being starts insisting you do something or tells you what you are and who you are or will be, probably isnt very high at all.


Telepathic (mind-to-mind) communication is not only possible, but it is an observable reality. Every dog can do it - just ask an intelligent and observable dog owner. I try to practice telepathy at every opportunity and I find it very inspiring.

However, telepathically received information is not necessarily better than any other. Just as any medium of communication - it can be misused to push propaganda and misinformation.

Individuals who use "mediumships" are quite primitive in the scale of the Universe. They can only impress total ignorants, like some of us on Earth.

Truly evolved entities (including our own Higher Selves) find more intelligent ways to communicate. Their messages do not negate Observable Reality in any way, are not self-contradicting, and do not interfere with our Freedom of Choice and Freedom of Thought in any way. If you use these criteria, you will be able to distinguish the diamond in the pile of clutter.


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