Merging anyone?

Tom, is it necessary to merge with other spirits to progress in the universe? This would involve giving up our individuality.

At first I thought this is not necessary, as the Source never had to do this in it's evolution.However, after more thought, spirits are rejoining with the Source at the height of their evolution continuously. Therefore this would involve giving up part of their individuality and also the Sources. Do you agree?


Not quite.

Rejoining and merging are two different things. You can rejoin with your family after you were away, but it doesn't mean that you need to surrender your individuality.

Your consciousness has been pre-programmed so that it can sustain itself in a living body. You have been given autonomy, Freedom of Thought and The Freedom of Choice so that you can evolve. Without such autonomy evolution that Great Intellect seeks is not possible.

After you evolved enough you can re-join your Creator, because you will be an interesting company.


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