Next love or previous love?

I have a boyfriend now and my ex-boyfriend has a girl friend too. But I think I cannot forget him and he doesn't forget me either. It's really ashamed of me. Is it the time to give up the present love ?Should I  stick to the love and forget the previous love? I am confused .  byx 23-06-2014

Making sensible decisions in your life involves examining your Self.

One way of examining yourSelf is asking yourself some questions and trying to find best possible answers.

It is only You and Yourself, no one else can answer these questions for you.  Take your time and consider all answers that you can imagine. Then imagine consequences of your choices:  How many people would be hurt and dissappointed? How many people will be happy? How do your choices relate to your answers to questions 1,2,3 above?

Try your best to formulate "possible" answers to all questions above and then have a long night sleep. Which of your answers become clearer in the morning?  Tom 23-06-2014

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