No Beginning?

Mr. Chalko, you haven't answered by previous post regarding the emergence of the Great Intellect. Must be a fault in the forum since you always answer promptly.


There is no fault. Some of your questions have already been addressed on the Forum, so I attended different topics. Have you searched the Forum? Have you seen "Chicken or egg" topic?


You say the great Intellect developped itself into what it is now. I propose a new view on this subject.

If there truly was void (nothing.. which is just a human concept to try and explain the absence of everything), would you want me to believe that the void somehow 'reckognized itself' and proceeded from there ?

I find this very far-fetched. I believe the Great Intellect IS, always HAS BEEN and always WILL BE. Human beings are flawed in the sense that they have

a) a beginning, and
b) an end

Therefore they believe everything must have a start. Do not forget this when you formulate a response to my post. I appreciate your forthcoming comments on this subject 🙂


Scientifically speaking, the probability of Intellect developing Itself is an INFINITE number of times GREATER than the probability of an atom (or anything material, including life and the Universe) making itself.

The concept is not mine. 2000 yeas ago Thomas [2] was told: "If the flesh came to being because of Spirit, it is amazing, but if Spirit came into being because of the body - it is even more amazing."

I used the concept of "Nothing" because its existence actually doesn't need a proof. "Nothing" is needed to define "something", much like ZERO is needed in mathematics. Remember the fundamental "contrast" principle of perception?

If The Great Intellect hasn't evolved and "has always been" as you say - then WHY it made us (you and me) follow the path of painstaking evolution? Is it because it is the best way? Or is it because it is THE ONLY way to develop any Intellect?

Again, the concept of The Beginning is not mine. 2000 years ago Thomas asked about "The End". The reply was as follows (18): "Have you already discovered The Beginning, that now you can seek after the end?"

I have every reason to explore reasons and consequences of the above statement, because it comes from a highly intelligent and knowledgeable person.

You may also be interested what Thomas [2] was told about the Origin of Humanity: "We have come from The Light, where The Light came to being by Itself, established Itself..."

Remember that ("doubting") Thomas was the ONLY truly intelligent disciple who INSISTED on asking questions because he wanted to KNOW, not just believe. Is it a coincidence that his record was the only one thoroughly removed from the "christian" doctrine @1700 years ago? Was the record of Thomas too explicit and too accurate?


In what boook can we read more about Thomas?


Please read the reference [2] in the Freedom of Choice.


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