Old emails??

Hi Tom,Since I have just discovered your site I am unfortunately replying to old emails.

Meditation and concentration are the main message in 'The Book'. Both of these techniques are used as a means of going beyond thought.It seems to me that when we are able to see beyond the ego we actually experience that what we call the 'I' is only an intellectual seperation that we make from the oneness(GREAT SPIRIT). 'The Book' tells us that the GREAT SPIRIT took an infinitesimal amount of itself and divided it into multitudes(each of us). Hence we are all part of the great spirit and each other. The ultimate bliss is being the/with GREAT SPIRIT, and this merging is the ultimate love of all existence, in my current view.As far as the thinking part of the intellect is concerned, it may be dwarfed by the direct instantaneous understanding of BEING that which you wish to know, rather than observing it as if you are seperate, which is always missing something.

Its not a recipe to become stupid because you dont lose ANY knowledge, and you gain in a different way. All the best.


There are no "old emails" on this Forum. Every topic contains information that is useful to any reader anytime.

Discussion of the topic of "oneness" is already on this Forum. Please search for "is everything God"?. More info still is in this article.


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