Out of body to escape Reality?

Dear Tom, I have been able to separating my consciousness and astral body since 3 years ago. A few months ago, I discovered that one of my main reasons of trying to go out of body was to escape from my physical life that was overwhelming me with materialism. I have stopped excercising such ability deeming that it would reinforce my escapism of the physical reality. I would like to learn telepathy but I dont know how. Is it by concentration only? What is the best subject to send a telephatic message so I can get a reply confirming that it works? Very often, I noticed that when I am in the state of between falling asleep and awake (I have learned that it is called the theta state of mind according to science), I am able to elicit replies to certain questions. The replies I get usually seem unfriendly and somehow I feel that I am being scolded. I wonder why as I thought that my higher self is always loving.


Your Higher Self is like the best TEACHER you can imagine. It KNOWS your potential. If your "questions" are silly and irrelevant, what does a good teacher do? Doesn't a good teacher make you understand that you are wasting time? Doesn't a good teacher point your attention to something that you should learn FOR REAL?

Note, that your "questions" determine the range and scope of answers you can get. Work on your questions, otherwise you will always feel strange and silly when you get an answer from someone truly intelligent, like your Higher Self.

As to telepathy - you are ALREADY practicing it, by "asking questions" and getting responses. This IS telepathy.

By far, the easiest "messages" to communicate when we are fully awake are FEELINGS. You can even start practicing with animals. Try to send a "message of love" to a dog - and in a few seconds the dog will express its appreciation. Of course, you have to MEAN your feelings for the dog, not just recite abstract "words" in your mind.

The hardest messages to communicate telepathically seem to be "abstract" messages, out-of-context words, sentences and complex images.

I agree with you that "escaping physical life" is not a very good motive for going out of body. I admire your self-observation. Remember, that you have decided YOURSELF to live in a physical body. Try to make the MOST of it.

Also, try do find better reasons for going "out". Possiblilities are endless. Exploring the Universe used to be my favourite. A very good method is to ASK your Higher Self "can you PLEASE show me what I should learn TODAY?" Guess what a good teacher does when you keep doing your homework...


Tom, You have mentioned that you can explore the Universe out of body. I have yet to get out of mine. Would you mind sharing some of your experiences with us please. I realise some may be personal and not for us to know but what is out there? Do you see other entities, can you see dead relatives? Is it beautiful, scary, do you feel in control, have you seen Mars, Thiaoouba or another planet? Sorry if I am being silly but I would really love to know.


Everyone's Astral body joins their respective Higher Self every night (see Thiaoouba Prophecy for more details). The essence is to become AWARE and CONSCIOUS of the state of separation of Consciousness from the physical body.

The easiest way to start is to become conscious in a dream. To accomplish that, we need to admit the possibility and practice CONCENTRATION when we are awake. Don't even try without MOTIVE and a GOAL. Redefine them every day.

See also Astral travel beginners guide


Many times, in the state described as theta, I have recieved various answers AND questions to things I never thought I questioned or knew about. They come in various tones, male and female and most of the time the conversations don't last very long between the same voices. I never feel like they're communicating directly with me though. Like I'm a casual observer over all the streams of thought. Hmm . . .


Keep observing. The Choice what to do is always yours.


So, if you and your mind choose to differ from the truth and path of your soul will it take any available opportunity, like sleep, to attempt a change in perspective--like dreams?


Very likely you will get remainders from yur Higher Self. Dreams are very gentle remainders. When they are ignored, a somewhat stronger methods are used.

For example a common "remainder" is inducing the suffering, both physical (diseases, accidents) and psychological (conflicts, rejection).

Some people (myself included) only learn to live when it is a time for them to die...


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