Peaceful Protest?

Tom, I love all your work. I am ready to stop the government in the U.S., but I need a few other individual intellects to support my cease work. I know this can work. I am ready as I'll ever be. But I am weary about everyone freaking out at the idea of no job, no money, no government. They still believe they need all that hype to survive. I want the world's support, but I can hardly convince my family this is the way. They think I'm wacked out. My mother even suggested a psycological exam! I need at least a few others for a peaceful silent protest. Contact me, I'm ready NOW!

Keith Heffernan (OHI

Unfortunately people are so attached to the "system" that they cannot even imagine life without a toilet paper.

PLEASE do not try to change anyone - you will only encounter resistance. The best you can do is to put evidence in front of their eyes and let them CHOOSE to consider it. If they ignore it - there is nothing you can do. They will need to suffer consequences of their attitude. This is the only way for them to learn.

The evidence comes in everyday news. Volcanoes continue to erupt and violent atmospheric phenomena intensify. Why don't you ask them WHY?? Why don't you print a page at and let them read it?

Have you tried playing John Lennon "Imagine" 10 times a day for a month? Some people need subliminal stimulation.

Humanity today seems stubborn. People need to experience truly extreme disasters and lose all their posessions in order to learn consequences of their attitude.

The necessary condition for a successful protest is INFORMATION and Understanding. Only well informed people can organize themselves and succeed. So, focus on spreading the information around.

Never doubt that a Single Individual Intellect with a good idea can change the world. This is the ONLY thing that ever did... The entire Universe started from an idea...


I agree that it is necessary for people to choose to either pay attention to or ignore the fact of what they are doing wrong. However, maybe a lot of them have not conciously thought about it. Maybe if there was a peaceful protest, it would be the first time for many to even consider changing the way they live. Even so, it is debatable how many people would change; it is possible that everyone would still continue as they are. I have to wonder though, why would the Thiaooubans have Michel talk to Arki about the protest on his planet if one would do no good on Earth?


To give us yet another example how it is done. If you need more examples, read about Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

All successful protests had one thing in common: an IDEA that united people to act for the common good. Note that idea survived, even when their originators were assasinated. I suggest the idea of "Saving the Planet from Global Disasters by drastically reducing Greenhouse emissions".
Click here for a list of active volcanoes
Have a look at the plot above and make your own conclusion.


That was the point that I was trying to make myself. I would have to dissagree about making the idea be about greenhouse gasses. What good would that do? If it managed to save the planet this time, people would be like 'Oh horray, we have these nice new hydrogen cars that won't explode the planet. Now we are safe to buy more quilted 3-ply toilet paper.' The protest needs to be on changing the fundementals of society.


Have you ever heard of any succesful attempt to unite people to "change fundamentals of society"? On any planet?

Try asking a few people around. Most likely you will hear "thank you, I'll stick to what I have now".

People learn and act only when they HAVE TO. This is human nature. In the process of uniting to survive people will have to change fundamentals of the society.

In the process of learning to survive, people will need top develop Understanding and Respect for Nature and its Design.

The very CONTEXT of our individual and collective existence on Earth will change. People who will understand this change will never act as a flock of sheep again. They will never follow leaders who have no clue what to do and why.

Understanding cannot be undone.


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