I had read Thiaoouba Prophecy and the Freedom of Choice some time back. Both the books have had a huge influence on my approach towards many things and my thoughts, but when i recently saw a documentary on people being possessed by other spirits, i was left wondering why is it that this realm has never been covered. What do you say about people being possessed? Why does this happen?


People who appear to be "possessed" have surrendered their Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Choice and behave like puppets directed by someone else. Such people are not aware of their role and potential in the Universe. Typically, people become dominated if someone manages to scare them well enough, whether it is a physical person or not.

In principle, this situation is not much different from people surrendering their minds and their Freedom of Choice to any propaganda. The most frequently used is the propaganda of fear, because fear distorts logic and pollutes the intellect.

Millions of peaceful and family oriented people can support and even initiate a WORLD WAR if someone finds a way to scare them well enough with belief that they are under attack and that they have an "enemy". This is the method used by Hitler, Bush and every other warmonger to gather support for their wars.

Soldiers agree by their free will to become puppets of whoever commands them. They can invade another country for totally fictitious reason, just because they were told by their commanders to do so. Such soldiers wreck the invaded country with bombs and rockets and kill whoever objects to their invasion - just because they have CHOSEN to obey "orders".

WHY do malicious leaders keep succeeding in misleading millions of people to fight against one another?

Examine yourself. To what degree you behave like a puppet of those who aim to control you? Are you Really executing your Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Choice, given to you by Great Intellect, the Creator?


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