Dear Tom, I am very glad that I have found and read your book 'The Freedom of Choice' in Hungarian language. I have read it several times. It was a great surprise for me and a great pleasure because in it I could see very clearly formulated my conclusions of many years of seeking, studying as well as dreadful and wonderful experiences. I know with absolute certainty that it comes from your own life experience.

It is a great pleasure to know that, although so far away, there is someone who is different from what one can experience under these skies here where the things that you write especially in the chapters after 'Answer to psychic attacks' have become strikingly true and extremely clear in the last ten or eleven years. So I won't discuss your ideas because I am entirely in agreement with them all.

But there is a comment in your book about the 'Akasha chronicle' that you call 'the psychic sphere'. What is your view about it, about the information that allegedly comes from it? What is the psychic sphere? The collective energy-body or Unconscious of humanity?


Psychosphere is just a "chronicle". A "record" of the past. It is a record , encoded electro-photonically, that has a similar role as a library full of records and books.

This "record" is like an intractive 3D video with surround sound. Those who can gain and control the access to psychosphere can perceive aspects of the PAST that they choose much like a dream that happens in front of them.

The purpose of this record is the same as the purpose of any library: to enable people to learn from the past and from mistakes of others in the past. Note that what one can learn from any experience is determined and limited by one's Intellect - by how much a person can comprehend.

One of the best descriptions of the psychosphere can be found in The Book. Searching this Forum for "psychosphere" will also bring you more information.


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