Tom, what do you think could the best and most effective way to make some newspaper, tv station aware of The Book and The Freedom, so that they could maybe write a review about it or let many people know about it? Has that been tried yet?


Yes, I am continuously "trying" different methods on a "small scale". The problem is that the activities of the mainstream media are specifically focused on CONFUSING and misinforming people, NOT informing them about anything truly useful.

Journalists on such media seem to have only one purpose - to ridicule anyone with a good idea, just to "look good" themselves. This is accomplished by broadcasting only pre-recorded fragments that are LEAST relevant - and bashing them. I have experienced it on "Today's Tonight" in 1999.

After such a broadcast - most viewers are brainwashed to develop a negative attitude towards anything that you may try to do.

This anti-propaganda creates a very delicate situation. One way to overcome it would be to advertise, but to do it properly is very costly. I prefer to supply "The Freedom of Choice" free of charge to thousands of people.

One way would be fo find a respected journalist who would actually RECOGNIZE these books and would take a risk to do a honest program LIVE. Do you know anyone? If many people keep contacting "producers" of such a journalist - we could see positive results. Any ideas?


Tom my idea regarding the media problem is to get someone to achieve a degree of fame and in a way that the people love and respect them so they will be able to say their truth in live unedited situations - thus helping provoke their audience to think. When people listen willingly they learn far quicker. A great many of our musicians are beginning to do this and I am noticing that a large number of our young people are focussed on changing the system. Good leadership with the community in harmony as its first focus is needed and there are many roles to play. People need to stand up and be counted on this one but whilst using their intelligence. Remember the wily fox. The agenda is the good of all, so best not to just stand up belligerently as 'against society' and be labelled a fool, but to use your intellect to lead you to make the choices that enable you to provoke the most change with the least harm.


Be careful about those who seek fame. They are likely to say what their audience likes to listen to - just to increase their popularity. They are unlikely to have other "agenda".

Try to spot those who seek TRUTH. People who seek truth are more likely to MEAN what they say, even if what they say makes them unpopular.

Note that being "loved" or "popular" is not a good criterion. The most important is by WHOM we are loved and WHY. Can you imagine billions of bacteria truly loving you? The same applies to being loved by billions of those who let themselves to be mislead.


People will continue being dissapointed by politicians and rulers empty promises, of which they dispense at will to win a popularity contest.

People havent seemed to learn from these constant cycles of mistakes, or acted on ANY thoughts of other ways to solve this problem.

When someone is afraid they will often grab at the thing that appears safest, because they dont know better. I even think a lot of people read your book because they are afraid, and it gives them security. And i think its a great thing that it inspires them to think. Letting go of fear. Theres no love in fear.


I haven't yet heard of anyone reading my book out of fear. Those who pass the first page are people who are capable of thinking and searching.


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