Reading the Bible not allowed?

Do you know that when I was in Catholic school that we were never allowed to read the Bible in school? We always read the Catholic Church's interpretation of the Bible. When I tell people this, they don't believe it, but it is totally true.


The unfortunate purpose of most "religions" is to keep people scared, confused and misinformed to the greatest extent possible. Motives of "religious leaders" for promoting misinformation, "paradise" etc... are obvious - if people develop their intellect and discover their Potential in the Universe - no one will ever be able to control them and take advantage of them.


hi... a simple question... if the Great Intellect can't compromise the autonomy of any individual... what is the purpose of the bible?


What we now call "bible" is a collection of stories written by PEOPLE who had very limited understanding what happened around them.

The necessary condition for evolution of Intellect seem to be the Autonomy of Thought. When it is compromised in any way, the result becomes a puppet, not an Individual Intellect. For more info please read this article

Giving ANY instructions to "follow" would be a direct violation of the Autonomy of Thought. Hence, in principle, instructions (or commandments) cannot (and shouldn't) be given, if the aim of the Creator is Evolution of Individual Intellects and attracting their best feelings. People who imply that instruction are/were "given by god" also imply that their god is an idiot who has no idea how to become intelligent and experience Love.


Those instructions (10 commandments) were given by the Thiaooubans at a time when humanity was worshipping idols, having orgies and killing eachother with very little provocation. How can people become intelligent and experience love in such a society? Those seemingly simple instructions were desperately needed at the time.


According to recorded evidence, so-called "10 commandments" were given to Moses by Yehovah or more precisely people from Yehovah (Thiaoouba). They were NOT given by the Creator of the Universe.


There seems to be a contridiction there. The people from Thiaoouba who you say gave the commandments to Moses, are a superior, advanced race of people who are apparently billions of years ahead of us in conscious evolution. Why would they give commandments to us when, as you say, it violates our autonomy of thought.


As you know, children in every kindergarten are asked to obey a set of rules set out by their teachers Can you imagine a kindergarten with no rules and no teachers?


what about the very first commandments? It orders to worship god (and no one but god) and you believe that we should avoid worship, I am confused a little help please..?


The first commandment states "do not have any gods before ME. Do not represent [God] by any carved statue or picture of anything..."

The reason for this advice is pretty obvious. Can you carve an Intelect? What shape it is? Can you paint it? What color it is? As you know, anything material totally mis-represents Great Intellect (God).

Do you think it is at all possible to "worship" Intellect? HOW?


Hi Tom, Thanks for your reply, it made me really think again. Now if you don't mind I have another question, Doesn't the first commandment emphasize on the Singularity of the GI?One more thing , Does it also mean the true love should only be directed toward the GI/Light/God because there's nothing/no one else worthy enough?


Singularity seems somewhat emphasized by those who composed the First Commandment.

Directing True Love: If you choose to disregard everything and everyone else but GI - you give evidence that you cannot comprehend the Reason for the Universe to exist. Please read The Freedom of Choice again and try not to miss this point.

GI seems to exist in every electron and every other "elementary particle" in the Universe. If you really need to understand why - please read this article.


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