Dear Tom, If i am not mistaken, in your book you are speaking about reincarnation. Souls are brought back to life to learn from their mistakes. How can a great increase in population - especially in the last 50 years - can support the reincarnation possibility? More souls are been 'generated'???


Earth is not the only place in the Universe where conditions for Life exist. Individual Intellects have the Freedom of Choice where to undertake a test of autonomous existence in a physical body.

Also, they can "wait" for the right moment in history of a given planet before they choose to live a physical life.

Imagine choosing a time for your examination. If you could - wouldn't you wait for the situation that is optimal, interesting or at least acceptable from your point of view?

As you can see, the "number of souls" is quite irrelevant.It is all about The Freedom of Choice...

P.S. Have you heard about the latest discovery in quantum computing?


Is there such a thing as Reincarnation according to you? I find this all very interesting and would love to buy your books.

Amy Barratt

You can read free books online.Thiaoouba Prophecy e-book and The Freedom of Choice


Hi..I have just read Thiaoouba Prophecy for the X'th time and I came across something that disturbs me:

About the jews who kept their race pure because they are more advanced: I thaught that races didn't matter and that one can reincarnate into the body of black,a white,an arabe, a why couldn't one reincarnate into a jew? does it depend of ones level of evolution?I am myself genetically half a jew.. where do I fit in the equation? Does this mean that all astral bodies of jews are origated from Hebra?

I often wonder if they are really that advanced.. especially the Orthodox jews who are willing to die for a peace of land with old ruins that 'GOD' gave them. It seems to me that we're all in the same boat, and that globally, no matter where you go on the planet, the ratio of stupidity does not fluctuate very much!!


You are correct, we are in the same boat. Everyone has a Freedom of Choice to cooperate intellectually or fight over material posessions.

You are also correct that all races have equal potential. You have the Freedom of Choice to choose to reincarn as a Jew or a Nepalese but remember that your parents also have their Freedom of Choice. They have to choose YOU.

What is the "origin" of the astral body? Most oscillations of the astral body electrons are local to Earth. Note, that the most important in the astral body is the encoded INFORMATION. This information can be copied, modified, distorted, abused, etc.. and yes, you may say that some of it originates from Hebra.

Several thousand years ago, Jews were slaves and made very different choices than they make today, both individually and collectively. They stood united in the face of adversity and used "the power of inertia" to resist oppression, which was quite unique on Earth at that time. That is why they were "chosen" to be helped.

Today Jews seem divided - they are almost fighting each other.


From the Book I get the impression that it's the purity of the race that makes the Jews 'special'. At the end of chapter 10 Thao says: 'As a result, their astral bodies were liberated and therefore able to proceed directly to more highly evolved planets where they belong.'

It sounds like some highly evolved Astral bodies had to be born here, when according to Thao, they shouldn't be here at all.


It's all about their Freedom of Choice, isn't it? Note that it is far easier for someone advanced to choose a primitive activity than for an ignorant to become advanced.


Tom could you clarify a certain point for me: when exactly does the astral body begin to inhabit the physical - after conception or birth, and depending on this, does this mean that abortion is murder?


My understanding is that the information in the astral body (or more accurately Higher Self) is used to construct a living organism from a single cell. The autonomy of the astral body in the new organism is achieved gradually over the first few (some say 9) years of life.

Interrupting the process of construction of a new autonomous organism is an act against Nature and as such should be avoided.


Dear Tom, There's one thing that is illogical about reincarnation.You say that in terms of developpement it is stupid to for example 'enroll back into kindergarden'. Yet this is excactly what happens with every reincarnation, you have to relive and relearn all the most elementary things which you have learnt hunderd times already.That's a complete waste of time and energy. Say you die as a very knowledgable, spiritually evolved person with a university degree and then with you next incarnation you have relearn how to use the toilet,how to speak and how to work ou 2+2. Now that's really illogical isn't it? Woudn't it be much more efficient to simply keep evolving in a continuous manner, building up from what you've learnt before rather that refalling to a sqare one every single time? That's what's making me doubt the truth of all this.


It all depends what is the purpose of evolution. If it is memory and "knowledge" then you may be right.

But what if The Purpose is to become more intelligent? What if The Purpose is not to memorize anything, but develop Intellect that is capable of CREATING TOTALLY NEW INFORMATION and adapting to any situation?

In such a case, the old memories may be no more than clutter. Reading all books that have been written over the last 10000 years wouldn't help you to build a new physical body from a single cell... If you want to learn how it is done - you need to experience it many times over...

2+2 is not the only thing to learn. Have you tried to find out where is your own Intellect coming FROM?


not at all to say that growing up is immaterial to this question!


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