Role of animals?

Tom,I read your book and had some good feelings about it. It is good, I cannot deny. But I wanted to know what your personal vision is on the role of other animals than humans on earth. I thought you condidered human life as a final result in an evolutionary happening, like we attained some sort of treshold in consciousness, which makes it possible to alter our environment. What about living in cities, reserves for animals, and for protecting old tribes. Did the GI made earth for us or are there other concious creatures who can design for love? How do you look at the domestication of animals to provide for food for humans, and at the habit of controlling nature to make earth a safe place for 'civilised' people like us? What is your thought about auto-extinction of species, because they see they have no place on earth in the future? Or what about swans who decide to die when their partner is dead. Don't animals have an equal right in life on earth? Do we control the world, or is that an illusion, and if we do so, are we responsible to take care of every living creature, and what happens if we let them extinct? Could we end up in a desert with only humans on it? I'm interessed in your answer.


I thought that I have expressed The Purpose of the Universe and Nature in the book. Have you missed it?

Nature is designed as a complete self-correcting eco-system. Every plant and animal, including bacteria has its role to play. If too much damage is done to an eco-system it collapses and becomes a desert with very limited eco-system and ability to support life.

For more information please search this forum for "animals".

You may be interested to learn that a recent (2003) Australian Govt supported study has found that @3000 (THREE THOUSAND) eco-systems in Australia are on the brink of extinction...


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