Seeing an atom?

I have investigated the structure of atom via Out of Body experience. I dont know whether the what I saw of the structure of atom is correct or not. Let's me share my experience. The electrons, surprisingly, look like a comet, leaving a tail of image when orbiting the nuclues. The nucleus is very small indeeed. Closer view of the nuclues, I saw it vibrating by itself just like the vibration of the suface of sun detected by astronomers a few years ago. It was impossible to distinguish the the protons and the neutrons. The vibration looks like wave of fluid.


I am not aware of anyone who saw an atom, so I cannot say how accurate is your description. Next time aim to see a particular atom, say Helium or carbon.

Your vision of the nucleus agrees very closely with what I imagine on the basis of my studies. I think that electrons, as well as the entire atom should also look like this. To an external observer they should appear as essentially spherical objects that oscillate and change shapes. Certain aspects of these oscillations should appear "local" or "concentrated" while some others should extend everywhere.


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