Simplicity of reasoning?

Dear Tom Chalko,I downloaded for free and read Freedom Of Choice. My answer to 'Why can't you afford to pay for the book', was 'I can, but am leery of praise from anonymous people. If I find it of value, I'll not only pay for my copy but buy several more'. Now I would like to keep part of my promise. I think it is of great value and wish to pay for my copy. Please tell me where to send a check. I have a reservation about giving it to friends, for the reason mentioned below.

The simplicity of your reasoning is very refreshing. It's hard to argue with most of your logic. I flinched a little each time you harshly judged (slam-dunked) the value of what others are 'doing' to seek enlightenment. But, even the flinching added to the fun. It 'enlightened' me to the fact that I still exercise my freedom to judge those that would judge others. And, I laughed out loud when you - who had just made the most eloquent case for there being only ONE Intelligence in the Universe - deftly dropped the concept of 'Oneness' (currently my favorite concept) through your hoop of counterproductive ideas.

I absolutely love your take on the Purpose for our existence! I cheered that you were bold enough to imagine and then proclaim in writing that there IS a definite purpose and that we are perfectly capable of understanding and cooperating with that Purpose. I liked very much that you emphasized the point that there is a REASON we are INDIVIDUALS. I wholeheartedly agree and wonder why you seem to think that individuality negates the possibility that we are ALSO one with the ONLY Intelligence? But, I can't hold that against you. In my opinion, any body that chooses to 'listen' to the teachings of his own life (direct experience), rather than blindly accepting hearsay, is effectively using and expanding the Intelligence out of which he was created.

I know from experience that my friends would do more than flinch when one or more of their currently beloved practices was brushed aside as being restrictive (even though most appear to me to be just that). I think they will snap-shut their tentatively opening minds to the more important truths you are trying to clue them into. This is not a criticism of your text, nor am I suggesting that you change it. It is simply the reason I will not pass your 'different perspective' on to my friends.

Thanks for speaking out. Yours is a fresh and welcome perspective.

Carolyn Mears

Thank you for your kind words. The link to our bookshop is at the bottom of this page.


Dear Tom, I noticed your question mark after 'Simplicity of reasoning?', and immediately regretted my choice of words. I meant 'simple, beautiful, clarity'.

I am keenly aware that one does not 'simply' gain such clarity. It takes great effort and exploration, and an adament refusal to give up each time you find yourself at the end of yet another blind-ally in the complex labyrinth of human thought.

For so many years my reasoning was like one sitting in a sand box, tracing endless lines with her finger - desperately searching for a trail that would lead her to the Sand. It was no simple matter to finally become aware that what I longed for was already mine. That I was IN it daily.

Had you written and had I read your book, fifteen or twenty years ago, I might have noticed this 'simple' fact a whole lot sooner.

Thanks again for sharing your clarity.

Carolyn Mears

Thank you again for your comments. I use a question mark in many headlines. Hopefully it helps to intrigue people to click and explore the topic. After all, they see headlines first.

In regard to your friends - please don't underestimate the potential of their Intellect, because it is unlimited. Give them a chance.


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