Talking to God?

I have started to read a book about a man who claims he is talking to God. It is quite good, where 'God' doesn't give any instructions or advice, the author just asks questions and God answers. The answers are very nice and similar to the message in Freedom of Choice and Thiaoouba prophecy. But I have a strange gut feeling when it comes to 'Talking to God'. I can't really express what I feel, so I'm asking you Tom, what are your view on people who claim they are talking to God?


Direct telepathic communication is possible with anyone in the Solar System who is capable of it, including your own Higher Self.

Imagine broadcasting your questions (on the web for example) and receiving anonymous answers. Are these answers from God? Most likely answers will come from someone wiser and more knowledgable than you who feels compelled to help you out, simply because you are prepared to LISTEN.

Rather that believing someone who claims to receive "answers", everyone should SEEK his/her OWN answers.

Only those who seek by themselves will ever find, simply because development of consciousness occurs ONLY as a result of an individual effort.


Thats such a wonderful idea. I am a PhD student in the university, and whenever I find any undergraduates struggling with physics problems I feel compelled to help them out - just as Tom said.

And again, I totally believe that one should seek one's own answers rather than trust other people or the scriptures. [Sourish]

I fully agree with Tom. In this book however, 'God' talks in first person. Is it some kind of misunderstanding between the book author and the sender? An ego trip? The answers are very interesting though, so I'm a little confused by this.


Whatever people say or write represents THEIR understanding of what they perceived. What if their understanding is limited? Have you read the Bible?

Of course, due to our general ignorance, any author of telepathic transmission can easily choose to "play god" - just like white people who colonized Papua New Guinea...


If God is in everything and is so powerful, can't he listen to all of us, no matter how far away we are? On the other hand there is a reason that we are "isolated". But should this isolation block people who are ready to ask and recieve with pure intentions?


There must be some intelligent filters/relays for all information that is directed to Great Intellect. Your Higher Self is likely to be an essential part of such a filter.

Can you imagine Great Intellect not guarding itself (by Design) from receiving clutter from all idiots in the Universe? Do YOU like to receive junk mail?

It is up to a person receiving information to determine and verify its quality and usefulness, no matter what the source. Note that it will always be a PERSONAL opinion.

My view is that whatever you hear or read can only (at best) provoke you to work on your OWN conclusions. This of course includes The Freedom of Choice book... It contains my thoughts. You need to work on YOURS.


You said:Direct telepathic communication is possible with anyone in the Solar System who is capable of it.Are you saying that telepathy is restricted by distances? That no telepathic communication between star systems could be possible without special devices (like pyramids)?


The distance person-to-person communication seems restricted for people like us on Earth. The reason for it is explained in this article.


Does this mean that our Higher Self is within the solar system? From the Freedom of Choice book, when you talk about it, I get the feeling that our Higher Self is very far away in space.


I think the limitation of person-to-person communication is due to our limitations, not those of the Higher Self.

I do not really know where exactly is the Higher Self. It is quite difficult to explain our perception in this domain, because we seem to be an inseparable part of the very process that we try to observe.

However, using our intelligence, we can point out where Great Intellect could be after the Big Bang.


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