Teaching anyone?

Here is an interesting statement that I discovered myself after being a teacher for a few days.

'The greatest nightmare for a teacher is his students stop thinking; the greatest gift for a teacher is the progress of students'

I was rather disappointed discovering some students don't have the desire to understand even a simple mathematic logic. It took me a few hours to recover myself and still wondering what should i do...


Welcome to the club. It is depressing, isn't it?

The biggest challenge of any teacher is to inspire students to begin to THINK FOR THEMSELVES.

There is very little you can do, if students CHOOSE not to think. You cannot think for anyone else, can you?

One of the primary reasons for the total lack of motivation in student population is that the entire education system today is based on MONEY. Most courses today are not free. Since students PAY significant amount of money, they EXPECT to pass, no matter what.

Even before they enroll, the KNOW that 99.9% of all students will pass - no matter what. So why put any effort? Isn't it easier to sit in a class and have a sexual fantasy?

"Numerous and large are lecture halls, but far from numerous are the young people who genuinely thirst for truth..." (Albert Einstein, 1931)

The majority of graduates today are dangerously incompetent. The situation seems to worsen every year. The system is decadent...

What to do? My choice is to KEEP TEASING students by trying to show them possible consequences of the lack of competence and understanding.

Also, I give every student "The Freedom of Choice" book. If this cannot make them think, I do not know what can.


I'm a teacher too and I really think it is a challenge to make them realize who they are and what they are able to achieve, and people like you make me go ahead....

Bernardete (Portugal

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