The END of the Universe?

A question about the Universe: what is the chance that one day, suddenly, the GREAT INTELECT decides that it has experienced ENOUGH feelings through human beings? That it has experienced enough and knows what being loved is like?

Is it possible that this can occur? If it is, then what point would there be for the GREAT INTELECT to continue existing after it decides that 'it has had enough', that it has experienced enough feelings to satisfy HIMSELF?


Look at yourself. You are intelligent. Would you CHOOSE to extinguish your intellect and become stupid again? Can you see any REASON for the intellect to extinguish itself? ANY intellect?

Would you abandon your own children just because they don't do what you expect them to do?

Even from our limited perspective it is clear that the chance of The Great Intellect suddenly changing its mind are very slim.

There are SO many other options - like modifying the design and trying it locally somewhere else for example... Aren't they more logical?


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