Theory or Reality?

Tom, what you've written in your latest article is still just a theory, right? It is logical, but can you tell me when do you expect it to be verified?


The Universe seems well designed and very intelligently functioning. Is it a theory or a fact?

Designer of the Universe is not only conscious but is also intelligent. Is it a theory or a fact?

The essence of consciousness and intelligence is the ability to create and process INFORMATION. Is it a theory or a fact?

Storing, transmitting and processing information is most effective, efficient and secure in the digitally encoded form. Is it a theory or a fact?

The entire Universe is composed from discrete components (atoms, electrons etc..). Is it a theory or a fact?

We cannot explain the observable behavior of the "discrete" sub-atomic world in a deterministic way (cause-effect style mechanism of any compolexity). Is it a theory of a fact?

There is a phenomenal amount of highly coherent information in the stimulated electro-photonic glow around living organisms. Is it a theory or a fact?

The article explains my current understanding of the Reality of the Universe. Is it a theory or a sensible explanation of Reality?

Conclusions can only arise in your own Intellect. I cannot understand anything for you. I can only communicate my own thoughts...


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