Verify astral projections?

Hello Tom, I was wondering if you can prove that your astral projections were real and not a hallucination, or sensory disorder. I'm curious because I want to know if astral projection is real or imagined, the ability to do whatever you want in AP is fascinating. So have you verified that it's true?

One way I can think of doing it is to go to a nearby place while astral projecting, that you have never been before, remember the place, and in real life go there and verify that it matches what you saw when you were out of your body

An answer would be much appreciated, thanks in advance


You are not the only one doubting.

One of my European readers saw a car during his astral travel. He focused to remember its registration number - for verification purposes, because he had doubts like you.

The next day he called the registration office and confirmed that the car with this registration number not only existed in a distant city, but its make, model and color were matching the car that he saw in his astral travel.

You are welcome to calculate the probability of the above to be a coincidence.

Note that such verification can be only done individually. No one can prove the astral reality to you. You need to explore it all by yourself - individually.

The reason for this is simple - evolution of Consciousness (Intellect) can only occur as a result of individual effort.


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