Virtual reality?

Hi Tom,
I think that the physical world we live in can be compared to a 'virtual reality environment'. This virtual environment is constructed and run by few basic physical laws, such as gravity and electro-magnetism. Our real self - the intellect, chooses to enter that environment in order to develop itself. The attained understanding is stored electro-magnetically in our spirit (astral body). When one manages to fill up his 'database' with valuable understanding he is considered to be 'enlightened'. Is this is the ultimate goal of our existence?


You have just described the first step. What would you DO with your "valuable understanding"? (some people use it to take advantage of others).

What is the POINT of attaining "enlightenment"? How would you know if you attained it?

We need to develop at least SOME idea about our INDIVIDUAL FINAL GOAL in the Universe. The Bigger is the Picture that you can imagine - the better you will understand all steps and choices that lead to your Final Goal.

Focus on your FINAL GOAL in everything that you do and all details will become MUCH clearer. (Don't forget to IMPROVE your FINAL GOAL every time you learn more...)


what happens when you and the final goal are one?


You need to keep seeking your goal until you find it. Then you should aim to improve it every day. Do you know WHY you are alive and conscious?


do you experience the goal as the present?


I try to keep the FINAL GOAL in my mind whatever I do. The effect of this attitude is amazing - the context of every obstacle and every event becomes crystal clear - it is just another lesson...

How can you expect to achieve anything without knowing what it is?


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