What are the main tools for spiritual development?

From my reading I got that our only weapon against materialism (and to develop spitually) is meditation and concentration. Correct?


They are excellent tools, but don't forget that they are tools of YOUR INTELLECT.

The Intellect is the ultimate tool to understand your place and your Purpose in the Universe.It gives you the possibility to imagine and analyze every possibility - so you can CHOOSE the behavior that makes most sense to you.

Don't forget about using all other facilities of the intellect (intelligence, feelings, emotions, memory, individuality, sense of humor, talents, ability to learn, etc...)


As I see it, we are on this Earth to learn to love and to develop ourselves spiritually as best we can through our life challenges and experiences. How best we achieve these goals is where I am a little lost. Should we:
a). Meditate everyday to get in touch with our higher selves.
b). Do what the Bible says and 'Love thy neighbour' and be a good 'Christian' person.
c). Just get on with our daily physical lives and stop worrying about 'the big picture'. or
d). All or none of the above..............
Does any one have any ideas on this?


First, let's try to define "spirituality" and "spiritual development" to make sure that we talk the same language.

To me, "spiritual developement" is equivalent to "intellectual development" or "development of the abilities of the MIND" - in contrast to the physical body.

Development of the MIND is accomplished by increasing our UNDERSTANDING of everything around us, including our everyday life. We need to discipline ourselves to THINK until everything that we perceive MAKES SENSE.

From my own experience, it is very difficult to make wise choices in life, without having at least SOME idea about "The Big Picture" and without defining our personal FINAL GOAL in the Universe. This includes making choices about tools and methods for "spiritual development".

Focus on your FINAL GOAL and every obstacle will become just another lesson... Choose whatever makes sense to YOU. Choosing to become a "good" person who loves others is MUCH better choice than confronting everyone - isn't it? If you are not sure - try other options and see what are their consequences...

Focus on your OWN choices - no matter how strange are choices that other people make...


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