What ELSE do they want us to believe?

How will the 'alleged' oil well fires in Iraq affect global warming? I have read that it can take two years to put a well fire out. I am very worried about this.

I say alleged as I am finding it increasing difficult to believe anything I hear about Iraq.


You have every right to be skeptical about the US propaganda. No "weapons of mass destruction" have been found in Iraq. Iraq did not use any such weapons when provoked by weeks of "pre-emptive strikes". It was Iraqis only chance to do so, before weeks of heavy bombing reduced their military abilities.

Have you heard what US Defence Department officials say about the extensive use of depleted uranium ammunition in Iraq? Col. James Naughton of the Army's supply service and Dr. Michael Kilpatrick, a top Pentagon health official said that depleted uranium, 40% less radioactive than natural uranium, is "not in itself dangerous to human health or the environment"... They referred to World Health Organization data...

What ELSE do they want us to believe?

As for the oil field fire, it will accelerate the global warming and overheating of the planetary interior. It is possible that Iraqi military plans to use their best explosives to blow up the oil fields real well. They can't do much more with them can't they?


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