What is left to learn?

Tom, what do you think is left for you to learn here? Do you believe it is possible for a soul to remain incarnated for many years AFTER having learnt their lesson? If not, does that mean we do not learn our lesson until the day we die? You must spend time wondering where your path will lead you in years to come.


As in any examination, you can aim for a pass, a good mark or aim to gain an exemption from some future examinations. What are YOU aiming for?

For me, this life has brought to my attention how much I do not know. I found that I have SO much more to learn, that one lifetime, even if it is 200 year long, will not be enough.

Several years ago, before I wrote The Freedom book, I wanted to "stay" with The Light. I had enough.

When I managed to reach The Light, I was told that "it was not my time yet". From then on I try to find out what do I need to do in my physical body to make the most of this lifetime. Maybe I will have to get ready to participate in establishing foundations for a new civilization after this one will cause its own destruction?


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