What is the prophecy?

What does prophecy stand for in "Thiaoouba Prophecy" book?


Have you read Thiaoouba Prophecy? (This is the same book as "Abduction to the 9th Planet").

Description of the source and the reason for trouble in our immediate future on Earth has been presented quite clearly, although some people seem to miss it in the first reading.

You can also find description and explanation of reasons for forthcoming cataclysms in "The Freedom of Choice" book.

Both books also discuss our options "what to do" so you can make your own choice.


I definity feel global warming is a reality. April this year in Tasmania this year has averaged an extra 10 degrees Celsius more, (so the radio informed us). People think I am ridiculous when I say anything. It depresses me when I think our beautiful planet is in such danger. What do YOU think?


Unfortunately most people, especially in the establishment and business have to EXPERIENCE consequences of their attitude. Some people simply have to DIE in order to learn to live.

What to do if the majority of people CHOOSE to ignore the warnings? I think that the best is to OBSERVE Nature and draw our OWN conclusions. Such an attitude maximizes our own learning and those around us.

Everything material is temporary anyway. What would you do if a child decided to destroy his/her toys?


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