What music is best?

I would like your opinion on the following subject : the different kinds of music and their effects on your being.

Aside from listening to your 'favourite' music, which, to my understanding, re-energizes your aura, what do the different kinds of music (i.e. techno, trance, rock, rap) project ?

Is it only the intentions / emotions depicted in those songs that matter ?

Thank you for a wonderful and eye-opening site ! Awaiting your answer ! Love and Light.


My view is that music (harmonious vibration) has a potential to stimulate various aspects of human intellect.

Music becomes your favorite, because it stimulates your imagination, brings certain pleasant memories and generally resonates with your state of mind. Sometimes it is not music, but lyrics that attracts your attention.

Unfortunately today's music becomes progressively more primitive, but much louder instead. Obsessive repeating seems to prevail over harmony and beauty. Listening to such a music makes me irritated, depressed and tired rather than creative and energetic.

Experiment with many kinds of music to find what resonates best with you. Keep an open mind - explore many possibilities. Seek and you shall find.


Do you consider techno / trance music an example of this progressively more primitive and louder music ? I would like for you to hear my compositions.. although repetitive to an extent (rules of this kind of music), they ALWAYS give off a new emotion / feeling and it keeps the song refreshed.. it is also challenging to listen too. Would you like to hear them ? I assure you it is well worth your time.


I am not an expert on current styles. What upsets me about "techno" is the loudness that others seem to need to enjoy it.

My style is a music that you can enjoy in silence. It took me many years to conclude that eventually I should express myself by writing my own music.

Very soon I plan to record some of my compositions. A number of my friends who heard me playing them are already waiting for the CD.


Let me know when it is available. I suggest encoding them in mp3 and reserving space on your site for them as I would be very interested to hear it. Would you like to hear mine sometime?


I will surely make some mp3 samples. How can I get your music? Can you send the info to the "webmaster" below?


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