What to learn?

Do you have more direct exercises as to increase intelligence. Or is it all learned in one's self? I realize that understanding comes from within but I also know there are very direct paths of learning. How are we to evolve, should we come up with it on our own or will it come to us in due time because our attittude correlates with the thing to be learned? I do not dare say your book did not contain enough learning tools. My question is that I have a desire to learn more profound things and to be able to evolve to my fullest extent. How are we expected to learn these things?p.s. loved the book found it insitefull and learne'd I read it in one sitting and am deeply greatfull for what you have shared.Thank you


Evolution of intellect and consciousness is strictly an individual effort. Hence, the path for learning is also individual.

In an effort to advance the ability to THINK one person may prefer to study calculus, another may choose playing chess and yet another may wish to keep imagining a perfect society or an eco-system.

There is no single recipe - there are as many recipes as people in the Universe. By exploring the environment that is available to you - try to find out what are your preferences and what stimulates/motivates you most.

You have chosen this environment yourself... For more info please read this article.


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