Who benefits from wars?

Tom, what do you think about the current situation in the world? Do you have any ideas how to influence people 'in power' to make some positive changes?


The entire society needs to become aware what they really need and then elect leaders who will meet their needs. People "in power" today only care to stay in power a few months longer. Their agenda seems based on deceit, misinformation and disempowering people in their own countries. Need an example?

Early in 2004, prime minister of Australia, Mr Howard, proudly claims that "there is no risk of terrorist attack in Australia due to Australian role in Iraq war". Mr Howard has even forced Police Commissioner who thinks the opposite to publicly withdraw any concerns. My question is "where does Mr Howard have his information FROM ??? How can he be SO SURE about it that he forcibly corrects his own police?" The only imaginable scenario is that Mr Howard KNOWS who terrorists are and knows exactly what are their plans and agenda.

Just consider WHO benefits from the so-called "war on terror". WHO benefits from September 11 event and the associated paranoia? Isn't it US economy and certain companies? Who owns them?

Every war on Earth without exception has been designed by politicians who deliberately created certain provocations in order for their own people to believe that they have some "enemy" and they are under attack.

Provocations have always been common among politicians. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, British Empire, have all based their rule on creating, igniting and sustaining ethnic, religious and political conflicts, just to make people fight and argue with one another on some irrelevant matter. When people are busy fighting one another, any empire can easily squash opposition and continue their own ruthless agenda.

Could US secret service train, finance and brainwash maniacs, fanatics and drug addicts to perform "terrorist attacks"? Aren't these attacks conducted to achieve certain goals, very difficult to achieve otherwise in the modern society? Do you realize what is the US budget deficit and that no one has any plans to fix it? Isn't war a good diversion of people's attention from some real problems?

Perhaps you don't realize, but many countries today, who claim to be "civilized", operate concentration camps and have the "above-law" laws to send people there, just like Hitler, Stalin or any other totalitarian system did.

TODAY - USA, Australia and other countries operate such detention camps. People are held there without charge, without legal representation and no chance to ever get out. In these countries anyone can be "detained indefinitely" on the mere suspicion that he/she may "do something" - without any rights whatsoever. It is only a matter of time for these "above law" rules to be misused to squash any opposition, especially an intelligent one.

In the Hitler empire and Russia, such "laws" had lead to millions of intelligent people vanishing without trace, taken in the middle of the night from their family homes by "security forces". If no one does anything soon - you can be next...

The first step is to make people aware what is going on and WHY. The only proven method to change anything is the method of Ghandi - passive resistance and boycott (not demonstrations!!!). Feel free to distribute the above comment to your friends.


Tom, be careful.


I am as careful as I can, but I am not afraid to think and speak out. I suspect that those detained without charge may simply know too much about who pays for what.


How to propagate such a boycott to diverse layers of the society as a whole? In other words: How to involve the masses in such a boycott? Any ideas?


Do not hope to involve "masses". Only conscious and intelligent individuals can accomplish anything coherent.


Dr. Chalko, I never known anyone as fearless as you, in my times. Of course Mr. Gandhi was one but even he was fighting against someone recognised as enemy. You are challenging a faceless enemy who is so much in peoples heart. I really appreciate your intellect and respect your thoughts. I read TFOC the second time and you are so right, it can never be understood in one reading. Next time I read I am sure I will get something more out of it. Love and regards,


Today (30 March 2004) Australian Government refused the request from the Senate to reveal details of Mr Howard communications with Police Commissioner that forced the former to withdraw his geniune comments about dangers of terrorism. I wonder why... WHY Mr Howard is SO SURE that there is no terror threat? WHY Mr Howard doesn't want to reveal his reasons for saying that there is no danger? WHAT does he know that needs to be so secret?


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