Who is thinking?

I'm wondering, does my 'higher-self' operate with conjunction with my own intellect or is it actually a part of the intellect itself?

For example, I'm doing a uni assignment. I've just read a chapter from a book, and I'm 'consciously thinking' about how to use that information to do an assignment problem. When an idea suddenly pops into my mind, is that due to my own intellect or my Higher Self providing the instant thought, making it feel like 'I' thought of it? (I admit that I am thinking quite a lot recently about what the higher-self exactly is)


Most thoughts are result of activity of your intellect. However, the Higher Self (or any other conscious entity) CAN communicate anything to you too.

You Higher Self may give you a "hint", but as any good teacher - it will never solve any part of your own homework for you. Would you make the thinking for your child?

Have you searched The Forum for "Higher Self"? Several people asked questions about it already.


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