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My brother is considered intelligent, I gave him your book to read. At first he enjoyed it, but years latter repels it. I highlight the increasing natural disasters. He is not interested. I love him dearly. Obviously the 'contrast' is not enough for him to see yet.My Friends are all very similar, all intelligent but not interested. My best companions are no where to be seen, no one understands me. Similar intellects like mine are hidden from me. Now I realise I'm alone. The G.I. must have chosen a very lonely life, because if he's struggling to find gems in poo he has very dirty hands.


Not quite. GI has designed the Universe to be self-correcting. Hence, gems find themselves, simply because they are given their very own Freedom of Choice.

Also those who choose not to become gems - sooner or later cause their total annihilation, without any effort or even attention from GI. Amazingly, the main tool for this process is also The Freedom of Choice.

The self-correcting (and self-perfecting) design of the Universe is explained in more detail in this article.

You may not realize that a wise man @2000 years ago actually insisted that in The Kingdom of God (The Universe), one lone sheep is worth more than the entire flock, no matter how large.

Keep standing alone and maintain your integrity. The flock has no clue where it is lead to.


Your book has proved to be a very interesting read. It has filled in some gaps and connected the dots of different conclusions I have reached on my own thus far. However, one point I find still uncertain is your reasoning for God's very desire to create us in the first place. I find this uncertain because it seems you base your conclusion on what YOU or I would feel were we alone in the beginning, in God's place. I find this poses a problem - for, a Supreme Being that transcends our limited and imperfect nature would not have the same desires as we; by that, I mean He would not NEED. Thus, it appears your idea of WHY is based on fallible human nature - how you would think and behave were you alone before the Universe came to be.

I understand that, innately, we all yearn to know and be known. I believe, and I think it's apparent to any spiritual observer, that this is an intentional design. We are designed to find and know our Creator. But, I do not know that this internal desire is a reflection of what He "felt". Though, I will say this leads me down a rabbit hole of questions - does God desire this, or that?, does God desire at all? If so, what would a Supreme Being NEED?

What are your thoughts in response to this? How might I find the answers to this question?


"Whoever does not know Self - doesn't know anything,

but whoever knows Self - has already acquired the Knowledge about the Universe".

Try to follow up the source of this quote (listed in References).

Your question suggests that you do not yet know yourself. Why don't you try to explore properties and features of your own Consciousness in sufficient depth to see its origin and connectivity?

When we do not know ourselves we have no chance of understanding the Universe and no chance of connecting with its Source.

Do not assune that today's (2017) "science" can help you much. There is no definition of Consciousness in "science".  There is also no definition of Life, even in "biology" and biological sciences such as "medicine", claiming to be "sciences of life". There is not even a hypothesis what is Life.

Result? 95% of people in 188 countries are sick, half of them chronically (Lancet, Vol 386 No 9995, p743–800, 22 August 2015). Perfect business model, that has nothing to do with health and Life, except disrupting them to exploit people.

The only person who can study your Self is YOU.


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