Who is Who in the Universe?

There is the Great Intellect, then the Light which is all of our Higher Selves? which filters everything. Then there is us. At what point do we become the Light and not our individual selves? Now you've got me confused.

Are you saying that The Light is the filter for The Great Intellect? What does that mean? Why does The Great Intellect need a filter? Is it like our consciousness and our subconscious mind? Do we have filters also? Does that make sense?


The EXACT Reality of consciousness in the Universe is truly complex, but the essence of it is actually simple. Please, don't feel offended - I will try to use a simple analogy to explain my understanding of it.

We are autonomous Individual Intellects who have CHOSEN to learn to exist through physical experiences. We have chosen to take a "test" of our understanding of the Universe by accepting autonomous physical existence.

My understanding is that we remain autonomous FOREVER, unless we choose to terminate our existence ourselves.

The Higher Self (The Light that is within our reach during this lifetime) is a sort of "secretary" to The Great Intellect.

When you have a good idea or feeling - it gets passed to The Great Intellect. When you stuff up and generate clutter in your mind - it is blocked by your Higher Self, so it cannot pollute The Source.

When your physical body dies - you go directly to your Higher Self and STAY there, until you decide to experience another "test of autonomous existance" in another physical body.

One may also say that our Higher Self is our REAL "parent" and a "guardian" - until we evolve enough to be able to communicate with The Great Intellect directly.

This REAL "parent" has actually controlled construction of our own body cell by cell and obviously has the unlimited ability to repair it, providing that such a repair is beneficial to the evolution of our intellect. Higher Self has also the ability to induce diseases, that inspire us to THINK about the Self and the Meaning of Life and alert us to examine our mistakes...

For more information and another explanation, based on another source, please study The Book.


May I please ask: What is intuition?Is it our higher self? Is it our intellect?Or is it both?


What you call "intuition" is just an ability to receive messages from your Higher Self - or any other conscious entity, evolved or not.

Such messages appear to you as THOUGHTS. You need to be sensitive enough to perceive them, of course. (Yet again, meditation helps).

As with any other thought - we need to make a CONSCIOUS CHOICE how to act. We are just given a "hint", but the choice what to do is OURS. It is back to The Freedom of Choice.


Yes, Dr. Chalko

There's that word again, hint. That word pops up in my reading all of the time. It seems that God is a whisperer. Smile


That way we are given maximal opportunity to THINK for ourselves. Only "hints" and "possibilities" are available. We have to make our OWN choices.


I know Jesus is there, that he really does exist somewhere. I was healed instantly once when I was in terrible pain and I was bitching at him. There is no other way to say that because it is true.He doesn't desert you if you don't follow the rules. The church lies.

How do you know if it's your higher self helping you or Jesus? I'm getting the feeling from your comments that the higher self,the light is responsible for more of what is going on that we realize. Does your higher self kick in no matter who you pray to?

People from all religions receive miracles. They think they are all praying to someone differant.What's going on with that?


There are positively no 'miracles' in the Universe - only the use of Knowledge.

Jesus healed people because he had the Knowledge how to communicate and negotiate DIRECTLY with their Higher Selves, by-passing barriers that people created in their own minds. This is the exact mechanism of true 'spiritual healing'.

When you were in despair and CHALLENGED Jesus (have you meant God at the time?) your Higher Self gave you an exact example of what He was doing. You ASKED and you RECEIVED because your Higher Self decided that you can LEARN from it one day.

People pray to various 'entities', but my feeling is that those who receive MEAN to address essentially the same entity (God, The Great Intellect, The Divine, Source of Consciousness). The name doesn't really matter.


I was taught to always address Jesus when I wanted to communicate with God. Now this has worked out fine so far.

But, if we are supposed to grow and become adult spirits so to speak, then I want to learn to do things myself.I have been led to the right places somehow.I have no idea or memory of this. That's the problem. Must be the meditation and the desire.Most of the time it is so SUBTLE that you can't notice it. I shouldn't complain though as I have felt something there in the aura. The incident with the cards is a good example.

I think that you are saying that our higher selves are in charge of us. If we pray to Jesus, he communicates with our higher selves and a decision is made as to whether the request is granted by our higher selves. This is leading to praying to myself which sounds strange to me.The knowledge of how to communicate and negotiate directly with the higher self. Is this meditation and concentration, or is there more?


The Higher Self is like your Parent. Imagine that you ask your parent to explain you things - and you get pointed in some direction with a hint that you should learn certain things first.

You CAN place demands, ask for toys, help, disobey, ignore or whatever you choose to do, but try to find out what works BEST.

Meditation is needed to calm down the mind, so subtle messages from your Parent can be better perceived. Concentration skills are needed to get the most of every message.


You know, I have to say that I don't approve of the quantity of help that we receive from our Higher Selves. If we are supposed to use our intellect to the best of our ability, then my intellect says that this help is lacking. It seems that everything possible is done to us to confuse us, and then we are supposed to find our way out of this colossal mess to find the truth.

Growing is painful. Maybe learning to get in touch with our Higher Selves is the key. I don't understand why we are not directly in touch in the first place. Jeez! I get so frustrated.


We ARE very, very close - when we are little kids. The younger - the closer. At the age of 9 we become completely autonomous.

Life is a lesson of autonomy and a lesson of making conscious choices. Your Higher Self doesn't intervene - if you are doing fine and make progress.

Would a good teacher help a student if the student is on his/her way to complete the task by himself/herself?


So the better you are doing, the less help you receive? Great. It seems to me that the teacher might show themselves once in awhile.


The Teacher is everywhere around you ALL THE TIME - but you don't see it.

The Teacher gives you hints everyday, but you ignore them more often than not.


I've been lucky in that respect, but my husband says that he has never had any experience with anything other than the mundane world. He thinks that what I have told him is wishful thinking.

He doesn't believe in anything else but this world, and says that it is hypocritical to ask or pray to someone that he doesn't believe in.

That is his choice...


Of course, we need to respect other people's choices, even when they choose not to THINK. Have you asked him "Can a house build itself?"


Belle I have the same problem with my husband but he does respect me enough to listen and not put down what I say. I have had some unusual experiences like knowing what my husband has been thinking, having a picture of where a missing object is, having insights which my husband has had to take seriously. I think everyone has to reach spiritual and intellect stages at their own rate when they are ready. Having a partner that will listen and let you be yourself is half the battle. I don't think you both have to be at the same stage. I think having Tom and this Forum to communicate with is a great help otherwise I would think there was no-one out there like me!


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