Inspiring books?

Tom, I have combed the Bioresonant and Thiaboouba websites, read the Freedom of Choice your workshop papers and am currrently reading the Thiaoouba prophecy. All have been fascinating and extremely insightful. Thank you for your work.

You have obviously undertaken a lifetime of study in the area universal law and discovering the higher self. I was wondering if you could suggest to the forum other literature that has inspired you.

I would be particularly interested in additional research and materials concerning concentration exercises and aura's.

Why isn't the Thiaoouba Prophecy or your book available on Amazon thus making it accessible to a wider audience?


My work has been inspired from within - I was not satisfied with available explanations and always wanted to understand the essence of life myself.

Books that fuelled my enthusiasm and provoked me to express my findings publically in writing are listed in the References to 'The Freedom of Choice'.

The first 2 books inspired me most. Please insist on the particular translation of the reference [2]. Some very indoctrinated translations have been published (see Which Bible?)

Amazon: Thiaoouba book (Abduction to the 9th Planet) IS available on Amazon, but only theoretically. Amazon broadcasts the view that the book is out of print, despite our vigorous attempts to communicate to them that we have several thousands copies in stock in the USA.

We have the evidence, that the Thiaoouba book is being actively sabotaged by the establishment and the book trade. Initially, in 1995, it was selling faster than the "Celestine Prophecy"...

We didn't even bother to try to put The Freedom at Amazon. They have completely different motives... Besides, the WEB makes it as easy to order from us as from Amazon. If you feel like helping out - just spread the news that we have a few good books.


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