Reaching the '4-th density'?

I have read other books. Some have said that the aliens they channeled said that the first few decades of our new millennium are critical for us to evolve to reach the '4th density' in which the vibrations of all the atoms in our body will speed up, we become lighter, so much lighter that we can disappear by the way of not being totally physical (more spiritual).


It is true that the time is critical.However, "believing" in unverifiable things and WAITING for them to happen is more dangerous for your Intellect than exploding an atomic bomb in your hands.

One thing is certain: you WON'T become "more spiritual" just by WAITING for it.

For definition of "spirituality" please see the question "What are the main tools for spiritual development?" in this Forum.


I have read this too in several books, D.R. I have also heard that our whole planet is entering the 4th dimension in our lifetime. I think they call it 'Ascension'. I cannot pretend to understand it very well it perplexes me. Although many of us are definitely entering a 'Spiritual Awakening' there is still so much bloodshed, hatred, and disharmony amongst us humans that it is hard to swallow that we are advancing to the 4th dimension. Can anyone with more understanding enlighten me more on what all this means, please?


One thing is certain: NO ONE will become "more spiritual" just by WAITING for it. Can you become more intelligent by waiting for the intelligence to come?

Life is NOT a rehearsal. THIS IS IT. Learn to PERCEIVE it and UNDERSTAND it. There is no other way to progress.


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