Do we DESERVE diseases?

Tom: in the open letter to Stephen Hawking you mentioned something about dismissing the purpose of his conscious existence (which coincides with the purpose of existence of the entire Universe).

What is it so bad that he has done in order to deserve such disablilities? Why does the purpose of his existence coincide with the purpose of the entire universe?


The purpose of everyone's existence coincides with The Purpose of the entire Universe.

What is so bad that he has done? Nothing really.He just keeps using his fantastically able intellect to mislead other people to believe that the Universe doesn't have ANY purpose.

To experience what he does, he must have ASKED his Higher Self (before he was born) to be reminded when he continues to mis-use his intellect.

It is quite likely, that he has done similar mistakes many times before (imagine wasting several lifetimes repeating the same mistake) and ASKED for a radical feedback to finally wake up to the Reality of the Universe.


That sounds so right. I experience a repeated 'consequence' in my lifetime. How can I find out what the mistake is that I have done?

I have tried asking my Higher Self 'what is the lesson that I am supposed to learn from this' but I'm not sure I fully understand.

I have a feeling the lesson was not to think a certain way or maybe the lessson is that I am too imperfect and have past karma and just DESERVE repeated 'consequence'.

Maybe I should ask my Higher Self 'what I am doing wrong' that makes this thing keep happening.


There is no "wrong" and "right". There only your CHOICES that have certain consequences.

Try asking different questions
"What is that I do not UNDERSTAND yet?" "WHY don't I like experiencing consequences of certain choices?"


Hello Tom! You were saying about Stephen Hawking that he is misleading other intellects, and you also said that it was 'nothing really'. I have some questions about that:

First, those other intellects, did they make a choice to be mislead before they were born? Or is that a proof that they don't understand enough of reality to see through his theories? In other words, did they choose a too hard test this time in life?


My understanding is that our autonomous physical existence is a TEST how much do we REALLY understand. Due to choices of certain individuals this test may become more difficult for others.

It is quite possible that some people have chosen a "test" that was too ambitious for them. Also, don't dismiss a possiblility that someone could choose to mislead other people, so they could learn from experiencing consequences of following the flock. If this was their "mission", however, I would expect them to enjoy a fairly good health.

Notice, that people learn either way - listening to good as well as misleading advice.

Eventually, there will be someone who will CHOOSE to succesfully CHALLENGE doctrines, much like Galileo and Copernicus did when they proved that Earth is actually MOVING and that it is NOT a centre of the Universe.


Second, if misleading others is "nothing really", then the destruction of Earth and recycling of misled intellects shouldn't be no big deal either (Earth is only physical), but still in The Book they are very concerned about it.

If I adopt this point of view, I feel very egocentric. If misleading other people is no big deal, why would I help anybody at all?

Inside myself, I know that I should assist people to help themselves, but I can't really explain WHY to other people. What would you say to someone who asks 'Why help other people?' Where does it fit into the Purpose of the Universe?


The main reason for helping others is enhancing, accelerating and expanding the context of your OWN learning.

Understanding Reality of the Universe is a challenge in itself, but communicating your understanding to others is FAR more difficult.

How many times you thought that you understood something - until you discovered that you couldn't actually explain it so OTHERS could also understand?

Do you realize how much do you learn YOURSELF just by thinking how to explain things to other people? Do you realize how much do you learn by figuring out REASONS for your failed attempts?

Other people, who continuously challenge your understanding - actually help you to learn more. Everyone learns - isn't it a clever arrangement?


It's very clever...! But if you choose to live a life like Galileo and challenge the whole society, you still have to work very hard to achieve it? Or do you get more assistance in those cases? It's a big responsibility.

I guess it requires a very advanced intellect to choose such a life. Or does it... What about world leaders? It doesn't look like they are advanced at all. Why do they behave like they do?


The further you go - the harder it gets to make progress. Isn't it easier to learn to read than to write a good PhD thesis?

Leaders: they help to expose weaknesses of humanity. Those who can THINK will learn a great lesson by watching leaders and their flocks.

"Come into being as you pass by..." as it was expressed 2000 years ago.


What do the people who take on a mission to mislead, murder or maybe terrorize other people learn? Do they lack some very basic understanding (like 'thou shalt not kill')?


They learn (and experience themselves) what are the consequences of killing.


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