Study Physics to explain the Universe?

Would it be a good idea to take Physics for a better understanding of the Universe?


Physics deals with simplified (and sometimes very primitive) MODELS of Reality. Most physicists get so attached to models, that they cannot even start thinking about the Real Universe, especially the Great Intellect and its MOTIVES.

Take for example gravity. Even though every scientist knows that no one on Earth understands gravity, people USE the MODEL of gravity developed by Newton to explain the Universe.

To cover up for the obvious lack of agreement with observations, they invent "black holes", "dark energy" and other miraculously unverifiable objects, not even noticing that their conclusions are based on the lack of understanding of gravity.

Result of this activity is a totally confusing picture of the Universe, full of "black holes", "dark energy" and other purely imaginary things that have no purpose whatsoever to exist. Would you like to study this?

Would you believe results of calculations of someone who admits the lack of understanding of arithmetic? Why should we believe scientists who admit that they cannot explain gravity but try to explain the Universe?

On the other hand, IMPROVING models of material Reality, using mathematics as a language that expresses relationships, has a tremendous potential in expanding our understanding of the Design of the Universe at our stage of evolution.

But someone HAS TO explain gravity... "If what can be seen is obscure to you, how can you comprehend what cannot be seen?" as a wise man expressed it ~2000 years ago [2].


Tom: I believe you are working hard in trying to understand gravity, but what if the world is not ready yet for such an impact? Would such information be dangerous and misused like with the atomic discoveries?


Not knowing and not wanting to know (for whatever reason) is more dangerous for Intellect than any physical "danger" or suffering.

There is no danger whatsoever in understanding anything, including gravity. Isn't it a LACK of understanding that is a source of indescribable misery on Earth?

Everything - even a kitchen knife - can be misused to hurt or frighten someone. Of course there will be idiots in the establishment who will try to scare humanity with gadgets based on new technology. But aren't these idiots already scaring everyone with everything - including God and SUNSHINE? How much more scared do you think people need to become, before they start waking up? Don't forget, that I will always have The Freedom of Choice to decide when and if I want to explain what I know.


Are you willing to proceed with your investigations into gravity off your own bat, even if bureaucratic figures (for whatever reason) block your official path?


Nothing can stop me from thinking, except myself. I just want to understand the Design of Nature so I can truly appreciate The Designer.


I heard that something got banned, what has actually happened?


I have officially proposed to undertake the project at the University of Melbourne, where I worked as an academic. The copy of my proposal is here. On 9 May 2000 it has been banned from the public view. Why would a 'leading University' ban a research proposal from the public view?


What reason have they given for banning it from public view ?


None yet... Result of my research after leaving the mediocre institution in 2001 is summarized here.


If everything is inside yourself (and I know it is), then I should be able to acquire all knowledge of physics just by studying myself.

But is that only for understanding, or can I get all KNOWLEDGE of physics just by studying myself and nothing else? All mathematics, formulas and other variables, if I really want, can I acquire that information just by studying myself?


In essence yes, but it might take you a LONG time. Learning from other people's mistakes and achievements can greatly accelerate the learning process.

The MAIN reason for the Universe and other people (Life) to exist is to accelerate the learning process. If we learn totally by ourselves (imagine children growing alone with no toys) - we would have no chance of "catching up" with The Great Intellect, who is also evolving.

When children interact with others and have toys - some of them may choose to become as clever as their teacher...

Mathematics (symbols,formulae,laws) is just a LANGUAGE to communicate understanding. It is the ONLY language on Earth that is actually precise. As any language, most of the time it helps communicating ideas, but sometimes may create limitations - until someone extends its capabilities.


Very interesting. I just asked myself this question about interaction earlier today. The answer didn't come from within this time. But it made sense within and that's what important. Thank you very much! [Andreas]

In your your website, you said 'The famous solar eclipse experiment, designed by Albert Einstein in 1914 and conducted in 1919 has proven that the gravity field deflects light. This experiment clearly demonstrated that the gravity field is electromagnetic in nature.' I don't understand how can the deflection of light by gravity implies that gravity field is EM in nature. As we can't say lens is also an EM wave as it also deflects light!


The entire material Universe is actually electromagnetic. This includes matter, such as every atom in glass for example. Since Light is an electromagnetic wave - anything that alters its properties is also EM in nature.


Tom, congratulations on commencing a project that will, if managed properly, slowly transform the world. The sky is NOT the limit.


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