Origin of human races?

Where do black, yellow and other races come from? Where they created by God?


Of course. Every form of Life is by Design.

For best explanation how different human races have appeared/developed on Earth please read The Book.


What's your opinion of the Theory of Man's Evolution? In The Book Thao says that we are the descendents of people that imigrated to Earth from another planet so where's the theory of evolution in all this?


Have you read the chapter about evolution in The Freedom of Choice? I cannot express myself much better.


IF all life forms were created by God, then it would be interesting to one day find out how these creations were put onto planets and how many planets were 'initially' populated.


This is a continuing process. I am quite sure that there have been many trials and and errors and that the process is evolving as we speak.

My view is that the process started on a small scale and is expanding/evolving as more Individual Intellects advance their comprehension. As the number of good teachers increases - the school can grow...


I read the chapter about evolution in The Freedom of Choice but still don't understand it. The book says that physical changes only occur when you consciously learn something, but then it says that bacteria learn but don't evolve and change. Could you please release me from this confusion. Thanks in advance!


Bacteria cannot change to anything else other than more clever and a physically better adapted bacteria.

A dog cannot become a bird, only a more intelligent and better adapted dog.

If you try to cross-breed you will find that resulting hybrids are not fertile, so they will cease to exist. If you insist on "genetic engineering" of a living organism, such as a plant for example, it will eventually become extinct, if limits imposed on its Freedom of Choice are too severe. A smarter way is to transmit information between species so that they can choose what they want to learn from each other.

All species have been designed to coexist and every living creature has a path for development: learning to make conscious choices that lead to more harmonious co-existence.


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