Discussed Topics

"I could" is a limiting phrase...
10-th planet?
A backup for memory?
A bug in Buddhism?
A goal for meditation?
A shortcut?
A step back to move forward?
Accelerating the Understanding?
Accepting the life to live?
Accidents in Nature?
Addressing UN?
Affordable land?
Africans more advanced than us?
Anti-war leaflet?
Anyone else studying the Self?
Are negative thoughts contagious?
Are there rules to follow?
Are we always human?
Are we born intelligent?
Are we in control?
Are we near one another?
Are we supposed to suffer in order to learn?
Are words enough?
Are you vegetarian?
Aren't we lucky?
Art of expressing yourself
Ascetic life?
Astral projection?
Astral trip anyone?
Astrology? Numerology?
Attached to anyone?
Auric shielding?
Back to the book for more ideas?
Balancing the energy?
Banging the intellect?
Beginning of Spacetime?
Believing or knowing?
Best company?
Bioresonant wallpaper or screen saver?
Brain damage from Fluoride?
Brain impulses?
Brain or Mind power?
Brainwave therapy?
Buddha noble truths?
Burning all books?
Can a house build itself?
Can a kindergarten become a University?
Can Bioresonant harm intellect?
Can curiousity arise against one`s will?
Can The Purpose be assasinated?
Can we help paralyzed people to heal?
Can we inspire other people to THINK?
Can we inspire others to THINK?
Can we learn to create lifeforms?
Can you awaken a hypocrite?
Can you prove anything to an animal?
Cannot meditate?
Celebrate or not?
Celebrating funeral?
Celebrating the cross?
Celebrating Xmas?
Chakra shirts too expensive?
Challenging `happy` people?
Chance or Choice?
Changing the SYSTEM
Chicken or egg?
Choosing not to develop?
Christmas anyone?
Clever E.T. ?
Cloth of Turin?
Comfort or dependance?
Coming back from astral?
Compassion and feelings?
Concentrating on playing music?
Concentration on the Inner Sound
Concentration with one eye
Consciousness and Immortality
Controlling panick attacks?
Coping with disturbing people?
Core temperatures?
Creation or Evolution?
Critical point in history?
Crystallizing thoughts and eyesight?
Cutivating beliefs?
Dangers of noise?
Dealing with injustice
Dealing with those who supress you?
Define terrorism?
Deja vu?
Demonstrating the Understanding
Depression pills?
Destiny or Freedom of Choice?
Did we have a choice to exist?
Disaster prediction?
Discipline or Freedom of Choice?
Disco anyone?
Distributing The Freedom?
Do all creatures develop intellect?
Do computers inhibit auric perception?
Do religions cripple intellect?
Do schools limit our conscious progress?
Do we DESERVE diseases?
Do we need `masters` ?
Do we need technology?
Does creation exclude evolution?
Does everyone exist from the beginning?
Does social programming destroy free will?
Don't like this life?
Dream Control?
Drugs and `Quality of Life`?
Drugs and the cycle of life
Drugs anyone?
Drugs for awareness?
Dying for someone`s sins?
Earthquakes in Australia?
Easy way out?
Electric shock or meditation?
Electro-photonic consciousness?
Electronic Consciousness?
Eliminating addictions?
End of mankind?
End of this Universe?
Enduring pain for eternity?
Enjoy materialism?
Eradicating suicide using intellect?
Escape or different learning?
Evolution of Individual Intellect
Exercise with the cross
Experiencing ridicule - a learning tool for the Self?
Fasting anyone?
Feel GOOD?
Feelings or Intellect?
Fence of Fear?
Filter @work?
Follow or not to follow?
Food for intellect?
Foot & mouth? What Next?
Forcing drugs?
Free download
Free Will and Destiny?
Freedom of Thought in the University?
From science-fiction to intellect-exploration
Giant impact?
Giant insects?
Global warming?
Good and Bad energy fields?
Have we chosen our lives?
Healing energy?
Help for a drug group in Namibia
Help or interference?
Helping others?
Helping people?
Higher Self
Higher Self - a guardian?
Holy Grail?
Hopeless situation?
How ironic life can be?
How Safe is Out of Body?
How to Ask Higher Self?
How to avoid repeating mistakes?
How to control my temper?
How to eliminate habits?
How to find motivation?
I need to KNOW Everything!
I think, therefore I am makes sense
Identifying Self-Limitations
Imagination or knowledge?
Imagining something new?
Increasing Intelligence?
Individual or General?
Inducing deep meditation with low frequencies of sound?
Inspiring books?
Intensive Meditation?
Intercourse overlooked?
Interpreting dreams?
Is all lost if we used drugs?
Is Almighty limited?
Is Aura strongest on Top?
Is Creator evolving?
Is everything a vibration?
Is Everything Logical?
Is everything part of GI?
Is everything Perfect?
Is Freedom of Choice limited by Time?
Is Homosexuality Natural?
Is humanity lost?
Is Intellect essential for fellings?
Is it too late?
Is life an exam?
Is loneliness and isolation necessary?
Is marriage for life?
Is our intellect limited by brain?
Is plastic surgery against Nature?
Is pole shift due soon?
Is the Self 'invalid'?
Is the Universe a result of Evolution?
Is there Love in The Light?
Jam proof?
Joining Nature at its Best?
Joining the army?
Justifying Lies?
Key to the ONE?
Kill or respect bugs?
Laws of thermodynamics?
Leadership after survival?
Learning from weaknesses?
Learning in a sleep?
Legal Universe?
Lessons from dreams?
Let the Journey begin?
Levels of spirituality?
Levitation anyone?
Living Father?
Love in the flock?
Machine for dreams?
Majority of the stupid is guaranteed
Making Peace with The Past?
Meaning of Love and Intellect
Meditation experiences
Meditation techniques - how to choose mantra?
Medium anyone?
Merging anyone?
Mobile phones?
More earthquakes?
More proof?
More volcanic activity?
Mortgages anyone?
Nature out of control?
New translations?
New understanding from old answers?
Next love or previous love?
No Beginning?
No choice?
No response?
Not believing?
Nothing new?
Nothing=God ?
Old emails??
Only One Great Intellect?
Origin of human races?
Other People?
Out of body to escape Reality?
Out of the dark
Overcoming depression?
Overcoming habits and indoctrination?
Own a car?
Paradise on Earth?
Peaceful Protest?
Personality anyone?
Perturbing Nothing?
Plans for Hydrogen motor?
Point of no return?
Pollution from volcanoes?
Power of Sound?
Praying to wrong God?
Predicting Future?
Preview of Life?
Primitive genius?
Principles of new civilization?
Problems with evolution?
Psychic attack?
Questions about meditation?
Questions answered already?
Rally for Peace?
Random mutations?
Reaching pg 9
Reaching the '4-th density'?
Reaching The Light?
Reading only the ad and the cover?
Reading the Bible not allowed?
Ready for gravity?
Reason for clutter to exist?
Religion or Soccer?
Reports from hell?
Right or Wrong?
Role of animals?
Sacrifice anyone?
Save or not to save?
Schools of falsehood?
Seeing an atom?
Seeking proof?
Seeking the purpose of life
Self discipline?
Self sufficient in a city?
Self-correcting Design?
SEQUEL to The Freedom of Choice
Seven Thaori?
Should we influence choices of other people?
Simplicity of reasoning?
Smoke or nuke?
Staying in focus?
Strategy of fear?
Study Physics to explain the Universe?
Stupid and happy?
Suction pump?
Suffering not fair?
Talking to fanatics?
Talking to God?
Teaching anyone?
Teachings of Jesus
Teasing Bible believers to THINK?
Terrorism fiasco?
Thank you...
The END of the Universe?
The Final Goal?
The First Commandment?
The Freedom of Choice in materialistic society?
The greatest limitation?
The most essential choice?
The only logical direction?
The proof?
The Purpose of Yoga?
The worst remain on top?
Theory of Santa
Theory or Reality?
Thiaoouba Prophecy ebook
Time and space?
Time between lifetimes?
Topic for Meditation?
Translations in India?
True learning?
Unconditional Love?
Universal Laws for Information?
US freedom anyone?
User Manual for Conscious Existence?
Verify astral projections?
Violence breeds violence
Virtual reality?
Waiting for something or someone to find purpose?
Waiting for something?
War for money?
Was Hitler a spiritual teacher?
Welcome back!
What are the main tools for spiritual development?
What are we doing here?
What causes epilepsy?
What ELSE do they want us to believe?
What else is nonsense?
WHAT else to blame for disasters?
What if I read The Freedom?
What is `progress`?
What is Aura?
What is conscience?
What is consciousness?
What is good about depression?
What is H 0EIAOYBA?
What is Intellect composed of?
What is Intellect?
What is intuition?
What is left to learn?
What is more probable?
What is normal?
What is spirituality?
What is the limit?
What is the POINT of learning?
What is the prophecy?
What is the purpose of Living with a brain damage?
What job is best for intellect?
What leaders want?
What music is best?
What people want?
What to give for Xmas?
What to learn?
When to give up?
Where is consciousness?
Where is Evil?
Where is freedom.zip ?
Where is Gospel of Thomas?
Where is Great Intellect now?
Which Bible?
Which religion?
Who benefits from wars?
Who cares?
Who is hurting you?
Who is primitive?
Who is thinking?
Who is Who in the Universe?
Why ants are small?
Why choose to live in poverty?
Why do donkeys chase carrots?
why do we have to keep on existing in this type of society?
Why do whales beach themselves?
Why does a prayer work?
Why drugs exist?
Why Loneliness is so hard to handle?
Why our time is SO special?
Why people are born retarded?
Why protests do not work?
Witchcraft and Magick?
Working on your Self
World going crazy?