So what about Nibiru planet?

It looks like this global warming is not only our fault. The truth is that governments keeps us misinformed.


You seem to fall for the worst kind of misinformation - blaming something else.

If you knew just a little about physics (Laws of Nature) you would be able to prove that distant planetary objects have less influence on Earth than landing of a mosquito.

Please wake up to Reality.

NASA measurements from space demonstrate that Earth absorbs more Solar heat than it is able to radiate back to space. Solar energy output is scheduled to increase. Planetary pollution grows daily, so that this excess of heat increases daily too. Heat generated in the planetary interior is truly trapped and the planetary interior overheats. Global catastrophe is inevitable and it is OUR fault - polluting the atmosphere to the point of no return.

Since the eccentricity of the solid planetary core increases as the planetary interior overheats, major seismic/tectonic catastrophes are most likely to be initiated around the time of so-called "king tides" like the one on 28 February 2006 for example.


Tom, can you please expand on your statement that 'solar energy output is scheduled to increase until 2012', please?


Sun's energy emissions follow cycles that last approximately 11 years. Year 2012 is likely to be the year of the next Solar maximum.


dear Tom, if the earth core is eccentric and changes as a result of gravity of sun and moon,then the magnetic field of earth and its intensity should be changed periodic ,specially at 'king tides'. are there any measurements of this phenomena? can we determine eccentricity of the core by magnetic field changes?


Eccentric core has quite small contribution to tides and is moderated by the core inertia. Some scientists are aware of the small "unknown" component of tides. Due to overheating of the planetary interior this component should grow.

Planetary magnetic field is a result of many effects. For example we live in times when the planetary magnetic field weakens due to changes in the core composition and it is about to change its polarity. When the magnetic field is weak, it becomes difficult to separate various effects from disturbances such as solar wind effects. I am not aware of anyone trying to include core effects in explanation of observable changes in planetary magnetic field.


Hi Tom,I dont feel that we will have time till 2012. Almost everyday there is at least one earthquake measuring more than 4. Yesterday BBC shown a new report on ice cap melting at Greenland. I was really stunt seeing it physically melting!! I really dont understand the logic behind US govt. 2 days back one of the scientist in NASA revealed that he has been restricted by the govt not to disclose the seriousness about the studies about global warming and greenhouse gases impact. Why they do this..? My question is why the govt wanted to hide these info from people..? What is their benefit since the problem is for everyone including them..?


Disasters are likely to grow in severity from now on.

As they do, many people on Earth will die, just like victims of tsunami and other recent earthquakes. When volcanoes begin to erupt and explode, most people on Earth are likely to die from poisonous gasses, just like dinosaurs did a long time ago...

When Antarctic and Greenland glaciers begin to slide down to oceans (not necessarily molten) - we will experience global tsunamis, followed by a permanent rise in the sea level. If all Antarctic and Greenland ice finds its way down to oceans, the sea level will be 80m higher than it is today...

The info about 'US govt gagging NASA scientist' is here, until someone removes it.


But why volcanoes do not erupt yet, if Earth is so overheated?


When you look at overheated kettle with all holes sealed, it will look calm for some time before erupting. The overheating of the planetary interior is a slow, cumulative process.

If you really look around, you will find many volcanic eruptions everywhere, including Alaska, Iceland and Antarctica.


Any estimate as to how much time we have until the point of no return is passed? I recall in the book that Thao says it will be soon, but soon to them is not soon to us , considering they live for thousands of years.

Anyways, I imagine we may get a wake  up call in the form of major flooding or something that will not wipe everyone out. The question is if we will be past the point of no return when we choose to stop polluting the planet. aohtthao 14 September 2014.

The message, issued in 1995, is that planet Earth will be missing from the Solar System in September 2033.

When is/was the exact point of no-return no one knows, but it is definitely in our lifetime, and we are/were definitely witnessing it.

People on Earth are busy enslaved by fictitious debts, are lead by maniacs who provoke endless wars and are fully brainwashed with virtual-reality of one propaganda or another.

Most people are more concerned which religious faction they belong to than with Reality and Purpose of their own Life - on Earth and in the Universe. 

Polluting the atmosphere is just one measurable effect of self-destructing direction of humanity.

We are not the first "civilization" on Earth to perish, but we can be the last... 

Tom, 29 September 2014

I'm trying to wrap my head around this issue somehow. The Earth is 4.5 billion years old and since it has had an atmosphere It has been hit with numerous humongous asteroids whose impacts have caused greenhouse emissions in extreme excess to what our burning of fossils has created.

The surface has been much hotter than it is right now and it has been so for millions of years.

Why would a planet explode because of human greenhouse emissions in the last 150 years if it had survived much larger emissions and surface temperatures for millions of years?

Andre 26 september 2017

Your question has already been answered on this forum at Disaster prediction? page.

It is worth noting that after each period of Earth core overheating there was an ice age, caused by volcanic eruptions and emitted high-altitude dust that shielded Earth surface from direct sunshine until it settled down. The last mini-ice-ages were in ~540 AD (a decade called dark ages) and 1815 (a year without summer). Both were caused by a tiny number of volcanic explosions (1 or 2) provoked by overheated Earth interior. See for example this page for explanation of the volcano-climate cooling mechanism.

Each ice age is associated with a distinct layer of dust (of near-identical composition) in rock formations on all continents (ancient ice ages) and/or a layer of dust in ice sheets on both poles (recent ice ages).

When Earth interior overheats not-too-fast, an ice age is a natural way to restore the energy balance of Earth. If Earth interior overheats fast enough for the center of the core to melt, some isotopes can separate, form a critical mass and the planet may explode, just like planet Phaeton.

Man-made nuclear explosions are known to stimulate seismic activity, although the exact mechanism is not yet well understood. The most recent period of violent seismic activity in 1960s coincided with multiple countries testing their nuclear weapons by means of nuclear explosions.

The last North Korea nuclear test on 3 September 2017 was followed by 8.2 quake in Mexico on 8 September. The delay occurs because heat from the associated "stimulated nuclear decay" in the planetary interior needs time to travel.

Location of the quake provoked by a nuclear test seems to depend on the orientation of the nuclear explosion setup. According to the recent "Science" issue commentary - the Mexico quake location was a total surprise to seismologists... What if the orientation of the nuclear setup can be modified to induce a quake in California or at the White House?

Tom , 26 sept 2017

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