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I downloaded 'The Freedom of Choice' and read as far as page 9. At that point, I went back to page 8 and then to page 7. Why? I wanted to find out exactly where the author 'jumped the track' with the train called 'reality'.

There is no kind way to tell an author that he or she has erred in a fundamental principle of their books's foundation. On page 7, the author compares 'ease' of building a house with the 'creation' of life, displaying a belief that the 'creation' of 'life' required 'intellect'.

This displays the conventional 'knowledge' of the day, and is understandable. However, there is new knowledge. The foundation mechanisms, functions and principles of factual existence have been discovered. There is now a fully developed new physics system, based on an analysis of the experimental physics data in terms of the geometric necessities of motion, a quality that cannot be extracted from matter. The basic state of existence is massless motion at the speed of 'c', the fundamental speed of existence and the speed of light.

Everett E. Allie

Your information is outdated by several decades. For the latest discoveries in Physics of Consciousness please see NU Journal of Discovery online. Please make sure that you follow all the references.

Are you trying to suggest that an atom can make itself and no design is necessary?If it was so, anyone intelligent would be able to "help" atoms make themselves. In reality, no one on Earth seems to be intelligent enough to MAKE an atom, even the simplest one. So far we have only learnt how to smash atoms into pieces, and even then - we cannot explain all the details about the resulting debris.

What would you say to a child who continues smashing toys in order to demonstrate that "toys make themselves" ? The smashing continues...

Every atom and every elementary particle in the Universe is a masterpiece of INTELLIGENT design. Nothing in the Universe is by chance. It is by CHOICE.


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