Holy Grail?

Dear Tom, I have read a lot regarding the 'cover-ups' which removed the name (and true identity) of Mary Magdalene from history (and from the 'private' life of Jesus - as reflected in the Nag Hammadi manuscripts). Equally, I read books by Henry Lincoln ('The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail') by Pierre Silvain ('Collection Le Grand Secret') - also by Richard Andrews & Paul Schellenberger ('The Tomb of God'), by Laurence Gardner, etc., all about the secret societies and conspiracies claiming to be in the possession of the Great Secret, i.e. the knowlegde about the blood lineage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene (i.e. particularly in connection with the Merovingian dinasty in France). Also, what about many (passionate!) theories suggesting the body of Jesus is still burried in South of France? (Alet or Mount Cardou) Can all these bear relevance ?


No. All these materialistic details are not only irrelevant, but actiually dangerous.

The danger comes from cluttering your consciousness with irrelevant information that is presented as "The Great Secret" of great significance.

Jesus main message was to demonstrate the immortality of consciousness. Note that this message is completely removed from current doctrine and has been for the last 1700 years.

The motive for promoting irrelevant details is unchanged for the last 1700 years: to prevent you from discovering really important things about YOUR OWN conscious existence in the Universe and Your Freedom of Choice.

Have you read the "discussion about Cloth of Turin" on this Forum?


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