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When considering the issue of laying on of hands and healing, there are a number of different names and ideas that are currently bandied around as they pertain to the energy that people channel through them (I don't mean channel as in mediumship- this is a term I use to refer to the exchange of energy from one person to another that fosters healing). What is your opinion on whether there is the one universal energy out there that people can transfer to one another to facilitate healing or whether there are different types of energy with different characteristics that make them each unique and valuable in their own right as tools of healing. The reason that I ask this is that different cultures have different names for energy and use different exercises to cultivate the energy. Some people call energy chi, others ki, others prana, others reiki, others love, others orgone etc. It seems that when certain exercises are done, we can cultivate chi (chi gung) and through certain attunements we can cultivate other types of energy transfer (Reiki). I have used different exercises and received attunements and I can personally testify that while they may all be coming from the same source the energy is quite different. I am wondering whther you have experimented with the laying on of hands and whether you have any comment on this.


Calling it "energy" is one of the most misleading use of human language today.

Healing doesn't happen because of any "energy". Energy from all power stations on Earth and the SUN together cannot bring one dead person back to life.

Healing occurs because of RESTORING HARMONY. Restoration of harmony occurs because of a very specific INFORMATION TRANSFER between the healer and the patient.

Typically, a good healer EXPLORES the lack of harmony and then IMAGINES perfect functioning of the patient's body. When reminded and shown the way, the patient mind-body system re-learns how to restore harmonious functioning that was disrupted by misinformation, abuse, false data, fear or physical/chemical disturbances.

Russian scientists have some fascinating evidence about it. Dr Kojokina from Moscow monitored brain activity of healers and patients during a "distant" healing process. To her utter amazement she found that the activity of the brain of the patient becomes totally SYNCHROUNEOUS with the activity of the healer! After the "healing" session is over - the brain of the patient seems to "repeat the exercise" sometimes several times for a considerable amount of time. Would you call this process "energy"? It seems very much like teaching and learning to me...


I find the Russians' findings pretty interesting. Sometimes, I have noticed or 'felt' a continuance occuring. Your conclusion regarding teaching and learining is 100% correct. The only difference is that most people aren't aware of it.


The main obstacle in understanding the entire process is our "near total" ignorance about the nature of the information exchange in the Universe. How and where is the information stored? How and why it is transmitted? Details are in this article.


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What kind of information transfer between the healer and patient? Is it the prefect state of health imagined by the healer? Does the efficiency of healing depend on how detail the healer imagined? It is illogical to say that the patient had learned something. If it is so, the patient would know what the healer imagined. It is more likely that the brain stores and repeats the information (under the direction of a programme designed by the great intellect).Is there any conscious learning by the patient found out by the Russian scientists?


The information that seems transmitted is about reconstructing self-healing procedures.

We are consciously aware only of a TINY part of our consciousness, perhaps less than 0.1%.Are YOU aware about self healing processes in your OWN body? How many people do you think are consciously aware of the details of their own self-healing? What about metabolism?

Brain is just a RECEIVER of the information from our consciousness and hence it can be commanded to repeat certain exercises.

Conscious learning using telepathy was not investigated by Dr Kojokina.


I have a friend who is a healer. He has helped many people, so what he does really works. I have asked him how he's doing it, but he can't answer that question. He doesn't know how.

How can he heal people without knowing anything about what he's doing?


In reality, no one has ever "healed" anyone else. Every individual organism ultimately performs all the "healing" (i.e. restoring harmony).

Imagine that you cut your finger with a sharp object. A few weeks later you cannot even remember which finger was hurt, because even the fingerprints are reconstructed. WHO does the healing? Such "healing" is not limited to cuts and briuses...

All "healing" is actually Self Healing.

How to increase the Self-Healing ability? The most important is the ATTITUDE. Admitting a possibility of such a healing process is the first step. Perhaps your friend is a nice person who helps to reinforce people's beliefs that they can regain health without becoming dependant on the medical establishment.


But he still have to transmit some information, I'm sure about that. One time he was adjusting the back of a person who lives far away from him. The person moved across the bed when he was pulling in the end of the back!

It's hard to think that he doesn't really know what he's doing and still manage to do such things. Then why can't anyone do it?


Anyone CAN help anyone else with advice and information. Most likely your healer IMAGINES functioning of someone else's spine by paying attention to his own.

The other person EXPECTS the "healing" and hence is receptive to the telepathic information transfer.

For more information and detailed instruction how to perform self-healing and remote healing please read my book "Consciousness and Immortality" (bookshop is here). You can also read the online article that was a basis for one of the chapters in this book.

Measurements and research clearly show that you can help yourself. Every child who understands the method described in the book Consciousness and Immortality can help heal a person who deserves it. The book includes examples of remote treatment of a dislocated hip, a broken spine and intestinal necrosis. One of the cured patients is a well known doctor from Warsaw - the best "medicine" could not help him.

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