Where is Gospel of Thomas?

Where can I find [2] Gospel of Thomas? It's separate from the New Testament?


In Dec 1945, two "fellahin" digging for natural fertilizer in the Nile valley discovered a sealed storage jar. The jar contained a collection of some 52 ancient manuscripts. Among them were The Book of Thomas and The Gospel of Thomas, that seem to be ignored/removed by leaders of Christianity - for reasons that become obvious on close examination of these texts.

Insist on the translation of Dr Meyer, a scholar long familiar with the Nag Hamadi texts, who seems to minimize religious and fanatical interpretations. ISBN number is in the references of the Freedom of Choice text.

From Dr Meyer translation, among many things, you can learn that:
- Thomas was not referred as a "disciple" but as a "beloved brother"
- Thomas and Jesus looked as if they were twins
- Thomas was the ONLY one who asked truly intelligent questions and wanted to KNOW. It is not surprising that he also got the most interesting and comprehensive answers.


I tried several conventional online bookstore ISBN searches in the last few hours, only to find all but the 1984 Meyer translation. There was a Meyer version reprints of which 1986 and 1994 were available.I have only begun searching databases of christian bookstores, some of which I have returned similar results to above.

But in that I am still searching - is 1984 one the 'best' one? In your book you say to insist on this translation. Why?


My copy is a 1986 reprint of 1984 translation. I have compared several translations and found them to be biased with religious terminology that distorts the actual meaning of the text. Meyer puts some of those in a well compiled "notes" at the end of his book and tries to stay focused on the actual text.


Is there a possibility that Ouriki in the Thiaoouba book actually was Thomas?If so, why would he change his name?


If Ouriki was revived in China to join Aarioc at the right time (imagine the plan !) - he would use his name, unless changing names was an accepted practice, or there was a reason for him to hide his previous identity. The Roman empire was a totalitarian system...


For anyone still looking The Gospel of thomas by M Meyer. Go to The Gospel of Thomas Homepage http://home.epix.net/~miser17/Thomas.html This has The Translation of the 114 sayings by M Meyer there is no commentary just pure Translations and also other translation by others including one link to a site showing the script and the translation next to it. All the translation seem very similar but maybe a few words.


The Gospel of Thomas beings with the statement:

"Who understands what is said here - will not taste death".
Do you know anyone who is interested to explore this subject?

In the Gospel of Thomas Jesus talks about Cosmos and Consciousness.

Jesus used the word "cosmos" (KOCMOC in the Coptic papyrus) many times because he was a man from the cosmos and spoke of the cosmos. (The Coptic alphabet is similar to the Greek one, which in turn originated from the continents Mu and Atlantis, both of which sank.)

One of the most profound cosmic statements of Jesus recorded by Thomas in the Gospel of Thomas is:
"Whoever explored the cosmos and found (only) dead matter
- does not deserve to exist in cosmos."
This means that scientists on Earth today do not deserve to exist....

From the Gospel of Thomas papyrus it also becomes crystal clear that, according to Jesus, biblical Adam was born to a woman...

For these and many other reasons I decided to translate The Gospel of Thomas myself directly from the papyrus into two languages English and Polish. Online version is here. Ebooks and printed dual translation book are at the bookshop .

Tom (2022)

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